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To each his own, indeed.

I like movies. No, make that I love movies. But despite there being a lot of people who love movies like I do, there aren’t a lot of people who love the same movies that I do. I know it’s not supposed to bother me because everyone’s got different tastes and all that. It’s the same with music ‘eh? I mean, I don’t like R&B songs but some people live and breathe it. I don’t take it against them and I don’t want to be forced to like that kind of music either. But I would just like to say that I will never understand how or why some people would say that the movie Looper is just “OK”.

I mean, The Notebook was just OK. In Time was just OK. Source Code was just OK. But movies like Looper and Inception and Minority Report are definitely more than OK. They’re brilliant. But of course, this is only my opinion.

It just makes me quite sad when I want to gush about something like Cabin in the Woods and people will point out how typical it was that “the blonde girl died just after she took her shirt off, just like in all other scary movies”. I mean, of course that’s what happens because the whole idea of Cabin in the Woods is to make a parody of all the stupid stereotypes that scary movies have. And why oh why do some people complain that the movie was completely different from what they thought it was going to be? Aren’t we all wanting to be surprised when we see a movie?

Oh, this is why I became so anti-social in the first place. Because people just somehow don’t get it. Or maybe I’m the one who doesn’t get it, whatever. But it feels really weird how I can like something so much and to hear a lot of other people say that it’s crap. I mean, I’m not too kind to the things I don’t like that most people like either (e.g. Tuesdays with Morrie and Eat, Pray, Love) but that’s why I avoid talking about those things. Anyway, perhaps I should avoid the topic of books and movies and TV shows and most other art on Twitter, too.

“I’d rather make something that a hundred people need to see than make something that a thousand people like to see.” – Joss Whedon


1 thought on “To each his own, indeed.”

  1. hahahahah!! so at least i’m happy to know i’m not the only one who enjoyed Looper. 🙂 anyhoo.. don’t avoid that topic in twitter noh.. it’s your own page.. so pake ba ng iba.. hahahahaah!! warfreak? =p

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