I-D-A Day!

My twin M has declared today Ida Deserves Appreciation Day! She’s so sweet! She made a poem and a photo collage for me and everything! Check out her blog!

IDA Day!

Of course, I feel a bit guilty taking the spotlight because today is my dad’s birthday. But it is also, in fact, my 1st anniversary in the company I’m working for/in/at now. So it’s not like I’m making up a “holiday” for no reason.

Ah, one year. The first anniversary is always the most significant. Because you know that if it’s a wrong fit, it wouldn’t ever last a year. But if you get past one year, the rest of the years/months will just mesh into a long/short period of time until you lose count.

I also received a card from the management today. They greeted me a happy anniversary, too. I guess it is a big deal. Perhaps it’s because a lot of employees don’t last a year here. Or in most companies. Or, I don’t know. Whatever the reason, first anniversaries are important. Or, I’m happy that my first anniversary here feels important. I got a card and my friend wrote a poem for me. Hooray!

Later, I will celebrate my dad’s birthday. And Ate M’s birthday. And then I will meet with my friend D on account of it’s one of her last days in Manila. She’s going to the U.S. for work soon. And then on Saturday, I will meet with my friend P who is also going abroad for work. In Australia, in her case. And then there’s a party for all my relatives on Sunday because my dad just turned 60! 😀 This day has a lot going on, doesn’t it?


2 thoughts on “I-D-A Day!”

  1. My one year anniversary in the company is making me nostalgic.
    I just spent the last few hours looking at old photos. And not just one year old photos, but two and three and five and more year old photos. I guess I just still can’t believe how much my life has changed in the last 10 years. And I know, a lot of people and things change within 10 years, but it just feels strange to me.
    I mean, I was present during the times that those changes happened, but for some reason it feels like The 4400 where I just came back from the alien abduction and an unknown amount of time has passed and I don’t know how to fit back in in my life, which is ridculous of course because I’ve never been not present in my life. Am I making any sense?
    I think I just want to lose weight. Or lose all the complications that come with growing older. Including the weight. Haha. Hay nako Ida.

  2. one year?? naks! buti pa kayo may card from management!!! ako mag-f-5 years na dito – wala pa rin card! altho tunay nga “the rest of the years/months will just mesh…”

    haha i love the 4400 comment 😛 i feel the same sometimes. if it’s not in photos, i don’t remember it happened.

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