And Now, October

Why does time move so quickly? Wasn’t it just yesterday when I was preparing for September to happen? And now, September’s over and Christmas is really almost here. I just came from S&R with my mom and we bought a lot of things — for Christmas. Because it’s only a few weeks away.

October for me is my dad’s birth month. He’s turning 60 this year. No concrete plans as yet on what we’re doing for his birthday. I’m not really a party person. I mean, I know I threw a birthday party for myself this year, but that was really only a small get-together involving my closest friends. Since my dad’s turning 60, I think our relatives are expecting a big party. Make that, a really big party. So, it’s not that easy.

October is also the month of my parents’ wedding anniversary. They’re celebrating their 33rd this year. Congratulations to them, though I don’t know again what gift to give them or if we’re going to do anything special. I guess we should be doing something special, because 33 years together is a big achievement, isn’t it? But I don’t have any ideas. The item for 33 years of marriage is amethyst. Right. Like I could ever afford to give them that, and what would they do with it anyway?

This year, I’m also celebrating my first anniversary in the company that I currently work for. I started working here on October 19 last year. It’s been great so far. The first year has been quite interesting so I think I should have a celebration for my first anniversary. Though again, I don’t know what to do. Hopefully something will come to me as the days pass.

October is also when Halloween happens. Perhaps to people who don’t have best friends or relatives or selves celebrating birthdays or anniversaries in October, this month is all about Halloween. But I don’t really like this occasion. I think it’s the occasion I like the least. Because I really don’t get it. What are we supposed to be celebrating? Ghosts? Scary things? What for? I mean, I know the origin and all, and that it’s being continued because it’s “fun”. But it’s completely useless. I mean, I like Valentine’s Day because it’s a celebration of love and love is important. What’s so important about Halloween?

Of course, after the blink of an eye, I will probably be posting about November and perhaps say something about collecting Starbucks stickers to get a planner. But I don’t know. I really should be avoiding Starbucks this Christmas on account of I really should be saving money. I guess it’ll depend on if their new Christmas coffee flavor turns out to be really really delicious (and therefore, irresistible).

I remember talking to a friend, way back in high school, about how the most dramatic events of the year usually happen during its last few months, i.e. September to December. For me, I guess that goes double because I celebrate my birthday in September. But for the majority, it’s really because it’s holiday season now, so there are more special occasions where special events are likely to happen. People get crazy during the holidays and I’m quite sure that this year is no exception. I’m seriously quite scared as to what will happen in the next few weeks. Hopefully nothing too dramatic, or if something dramatic’s going to happen, hopefully it won’t be a sad, dramatic thing.


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