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Editing Goals

You see, when I set my 35-book reading goal this year, I didn’t take into consideration my reading rate. The truth is, I read very very slowly. I never used to time myself before, but due to my lack of a social life, I couldn’t think of things to put in my planner, so this year I was able to track when I started and finished reading a book. And so I have found that it takes me at least one month to finish one book. So the realistic reading goal for me, at my current rate is really only 12 books a year.

It’s September now, the 9th month of the year, and according to my Book List, I’ve finished 9 books so far. 9 books in 9 months. See? It’s just right. Nevermind that the books I read aren’t of the same length. I figure, because I’m reading theΒ Song of Ice and Fire Saga, I’m entitled to read some really short and easy reading books along the way.

Of course, the best result is if I could go over my 12-book goal. And perhaps I should be training myself to read more quickly anyway, so maybe next year I will set a 24-book goal. Two books a month. It’s not too unrealistic, right?


4 thoughts on “Editing Goals”

  1. I’ve always felt that as long as you’re reading, it’s about your enjoyment, not your numbers. Read what you like, maybe try to carve out some more reading time, and you’ll be a faster reader eventually. Like any skill, it takes practice. Enjoy!

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