Mid-2012 Life Update

Oh, wait. It’s not mid-2012 anymore. Where did June, July and August go?

Were they so activity-filled that I didn’t have enough time to update my blog? Or maybe I’m just lazy. Ganito na lang. Let’s plug my new accounts, because for some reason, despite not being able to maintain this blog properly, I still feel like I need more presence in the internet (on the internet? – KS, 2012).

  • Twitter – Why yes, I have been peer pressured into getting a Twitter account. Is it really peer pressure? I have to say that I made this account for the same reason I made my Facebook account–I was missing out on the pictures that people posted! Why do people sometimes only post on Twitter and sometimes only post of Facebook anyway?
  • The Philippines in 365 – Because my old 365 project is done, but I like taking photos still. I’m having a difficult time completing this, though. It’s been several months since I started and yet I still only have 4 pictures. Oh, themes are difficult to follow indeed.

And, what else?

I’m still currently reading A Song of Ice and Fire Book 2: A Clash of Kings. I know I finished Book 1 (A Game of Thrones) in one month, but that was the month when we didn’t have too much work. Now, I’m struggling to get through 1 chapter in 2 days. Talk about reading at a glacial pace. My target date for finishing it was this Thursday, but since I’m only on Chapter 40 and this book’s got 69 chapters, I guess that’s not going to happen. Still, I will continue reading until I finish because I’m happy that I’m reading again. Really.

Also, it has been brought to my attention that there have been a lot of changes/new things in my life this year: new job, new friends, new hobbies, etc.

I’m not sure if that’s true, I mean, technically, I started on this job in October last year (and I realize now that I’ve only a month and a few days to go before I celebrate my 1st anniversary–how time flies) and I met the people here last year as well. Though because I was still new then I didn’t talk to them much and had imagined a very different “one year later” scenario. I’m not good at making friends and gosh, I didn’t know that my house’s proximity to the office would come in so handy at that. Are they just using me so there’ll be a place to hang out in that’s only an Php8.00 jeepney ride away from the office? Perhaps, but that would be the negative me talking. I’m trying to be a more positive person this year and I think I’ve succeeded some, so at least in that respect I’ve changed a little.

As for new hobbies, I am happy about watching less TV (or you know, TV shows on the internet since I don’t really watch the actual TV very much anyway) and reading more, though it was actually a TV show that got me reading A Song of Ice and Fire in the first place. And… Is drinking considered a hobby? It’s really not. I think I have become more sociable, though. I’ve been organizing more meet-ups with my friends or maybe I just missed having friends so much when I was in New Zealand last year.

At this time last year, we were near panic-mode because it was only a few more days before my sister’s wedding. She got married on the 23rd of this month. My mom and aunt had already arrived and according to my blog archives, we were already touring Taupo on this date. It was just a year ago but because it was in New Zealand and so many things have changed it feels like a lifetime ago.

That’s probably it. The last 2 years have been the years of changes and that’s why I feel very strangely. In the last 2 years, I’ve started 2 new jobs (I’m counting my part-time, too.), my sister got married, my brother got his MBA, I made new friends who, for a change, are from the “south” and are fine with going out only to ATC or BF Pque, and even the I and E saga took a drastic turn. I got a new cellphone, too, which is relevant because before this, I had the same cellphone for 6 years.

Anyway, in a few days time, I shall be officially another year older. So maybe even more things will change. For the better I hope.


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