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So, I’ve finished 80% of A Game of Thrones, Book 1 of the A Song of Ice and Fire series.

Of course, I already know what’s going to happen since I’ve seen the HBO TV Series and because some cruel people think it’s “funny” to post spoilers without warning on the internet. (And if you put spoilers in the comment section of this entry “I will cut off your ___ and feed it to the goats!”) But, I’m still reading, because it’s still exciting to find out all the details that they weren’t able to include in the TV adaptation.

I think the best part of my new shift is that I have more time to read. I still have to work the same no. of hours as before, but for some reason, before, whenever I got home, all I wanted to do was sleep. Now, I’m not at all sleepy when I get home. I’m not sleepy and I get to read around 3 – 4 chapters of A Game of Thrones.

I know, I know, I read at a glacial pace. But slow and steady is better than, not reading. That’s the saying, right? 😛

I can’t wait to add book #8 to my list. Though I have to admit that at this point, it’s impossible for me to reach my 35-book goal. Not if it takes me around 2 months to read each book, and I think the next book, A Clash of Kings is even longer than this one. So if I continue at this pace, I’ll only read 3 more books by December, which gives me 10.

But even so, that’s still 10 more than the books I finished reading last year. So, maybe a very small celebration will be in order. Perhaps.


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