Dear World,

Why are you so tireless in reminding me that I can’t do anything right?

I hardly ever, hardly ever ask you for anything, yet still, when I do, you don’t deem me fit for it. I’ve been working hard, haven’t I? I’ve been doing the work. I really have. I’ve not been cheating. I’ve been reading, I’ve been sleeping right, I’ve been researching… I’ve been doing all I can and still, still, I fail.

I always thought that the only reason I was a failure was because I never cared about anything enough and that I never gave enough effort. But now that I gave all I can, I still couldn’t succeed. I must’ve just been deluding myself that if I worked hard, I could be like the others. The truth is that even if I work hard, the best I can hope for is to be “satisfactory”.

That’s what they call it officially, but I know what it means. It means mediocre. It means not good enough. It means Stop kidding yourself and accept the fact that no matter what you do, you’re a stupid loser.

Thanks World. Thanks a lot.

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