Farewell to the Night Shift

Hello and welcome to my last week at the night shift!

Beginning next week, I’ll be a mid-shifter, on account of the slight change in my work description. I told my friend X about it earlier and she said, “So this is really going to be your career path, huh?”

Gee, I didn’t realize changing shifts would make it so official. And you know how I don’t like making things official. At least, that’s what I tell myself… 😥

But seriously, I am going to miss the night shift. Not that my new shift will be that much different. It’s actually only 3 hours earlier than the night shift, but this time, there will still be daylight when I leave the house. And it’ll take longer for the sun to shine after I log out from work. So you see, it will be quite an adjustment. I can’t just sit around and wait for the sun to rise anymore. Beginning next week, I will actually have to go home right away after my work ends.

I guess this new shift is better for my biological clock. But I wonder what it will do to my personality. I’ve always been a night person and though the new shift still requires me to be a night person, it will feel a bit strange to leave the house while the sun is still scorching.

Of course, as with everything, it only needs a few days of getting used to and then it won’t feel strange at all. But of course, as with everything, I’m sure I will definitely miss the routines I will now have to leave behind.


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