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Just a few minutes away…

… from finishing watching the second season of Game of Thrones.

And I’m already dreading it. I always get this feeling when I’m near the end of something I really like. When I’m reading the last few pages of a really good book, or when the 2 hours of most movies are almost up. You want things to continue but at the same time you want them to end so you can rest knowing what happened to the characters you’ve learned to love and the story that’s made you feel so many emotions.

I knew I was going to like Game of Thrones the moment I realized that everybody who watched it got so invested in it. And they didn’t mention the nudity too much like they did when they watched Spartacus. Though I realized recently that I am more a fan of science fiction than I am of fantasy, and more specifically medieval fantasy, because somehow fake advances in technology are more interesting than magickal things (but of course things that involve both would be the best, and especially when you throw in time travel (which is something that’s present in both science and fantasy fiction) then I would be a goner), I will say that this is one of those series that you can get invested in and will not disappoint you. Well, not really. So far.

Of course, anything that goes on too long can only disappoint. It’s called “jumping the shark” ‘eh and if you’re a fan of TV shows that go on for too long then I’m sure you know what that means. Then again, this series is based on a book and usually things based on books have better stories than the stories you can only experience through the screen. There are exceptions, of course.

Anyway, these are the last few minutes I have before I join the millions who can’t wait for Season 3. Unless I’m disappointed with the end of the last episode of Season 2, but I doubt it. It’s been 19 episodes so far and not once did I yawn or think of other things whilst watching an episode, so I think I will like it. And if I really really like it, perhaps I’ll be adding three to my book list.


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