April Updates

Seriously? My last entry was in the first week of March? WHY? What happened to me? Apparently, I gave up blogging in favor of other activities. Like sleeping. And, you know, eating. So, nothing really overly significant. But I wanted to update because I can’t stand that the last entry here was more than 4 weeks ago. Mapaghahalataan na hindi ako totoong writer. πŸ˜›

Pero wala naman talaga masyadong interesting na nangyari sa’kin these past few weeks. Another reason why I don’t really have a reason to blog. I mean, OK I went to Bacolod on the last day of March but it was a trip that lasted less than 48 hours and we didn’t do anything but eat, so there’s not much to tell about that. And it was the office teambuilding last April 15, but what don’t you know about office teambuildings? It wasn’t any different than the teambuildings of other offices out there, I’m sure. So there’s nothing to tell about that either.

Ganito na lang, magpopost na lang ako ng picture namin nung birthday ng kuya ko kasi nanlibre sya sa Bulgogi Brothers at aminin naman nating hindi madalas nanlilibre ang kuya ko so this event can be considered a phenomenon. πŸ˜‰ Hehehe!

mom, dad, me, kuya and kuya's gf

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