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Girls’ Day Out

Oh, I’m so happy that my friends are my friends. Today, because it was J1’s birthday, we went to eat at a Spanish restaurant (Amalia’s in BF Paranaque) and then had a foot&hand spa at Lash Studio Salon (also in BF Paranaque). And it was fuuuun! πŸ™‚

There’s really not much to tell, I mean, there’s not much to blog about except that we saw each other, ate delicious food, had our feet massaged, our nails painted and our hands dipped in some hot wax (IKR!) while we talked about silly things and laughed a lot, which all sounds very normal and not worth noting perhaps, but I think some people take it forgranted.

I mean sure, you’ll probably be more useful to the world if you’re watching the news or thinking about how to save the economy, but I think that there is some merit to arguing about the best brand of lip gloss and saying things like, “Wala nang mas-gwa-gwapo pang basketball player kesa sa kanya ever.” πŸ˜‰

This was just one of those days when nothing monumental really happened, except for J1’s birthday, but it makes you feel happy to be alive anyway. Am I thinking too deeply just to describe a day of eating out and some manipedi fun? Probably. But like I said, I think there’s some merit to it.

And of course, pictures!

j2 and j3 wearing matching "cat with glasses" shirt
beef salpicao, "best speller" paella πŸ˜‰ and salmon w/ hollandaise sauce from amalia's!
j3 getting her hand paraffin waxed. it was painful!

Afterwards, we went to a store to look for a gift for my mom’s friend’s kids. That was our intention, but of course, we ended up trying on clothes for ourselves and I spent Php350 on a ring. And that’s already with the 50% discount! Oh, but look! It’s so preeetttyyy…

my elaborate ring

Afterwards, we went to Frutti Froyo for some frozen yogurt. It was delicious. I love dessert. I wish we had more time, but all days come to an end. At least we ended with dessert.Β I think the best way to end any day is with dessert. Or coffee. Or both.

And if you’re wondering where the picture of J1 is, I know, I’m so stupid. It’s her birthday, and I totally forgot to take her picture. Sorry na! I only had my cellphone’s camera and wasn’t paying enough attention. Anyway, Happy Birthday J1! Thanks so much for planning this happy day! πŸ˜€


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