2012 So Far

I suppose I should blog.

It’s the 10th day of 2012 now and I think this year has been pretty good to me so far. 🙂 Of course, it’s only been 10 days, but I’m glad that I’m off to a great start. And of course, now that I’ve said this, things will probably go downhill. But let me enjoy this moment first.

I now have a Kindle! 😀 I’m really happy about it. I bought one from my friend. Her sister gave it to her, but she doesn’t want it so she sold it to me. And now I have a Kindle. I didn’t think I’d ever buy one, what with my bias for old world things like actual books. But… it was too hard to resist. I haven’t really explored it yet. I just got it today. A few hours ago in fact, and I am quite irritated with how my officemate asked me to turn it on because he wanted to look at it. I was just too polite to say that no, I don’t want to turn it on yet because I’m too busy at the moment to explore it and I don’t like others handling my stuff, especially before I do. But why did this suddenly turn into a rant?

Let’s move on.

Last Night on Earth is a board game I played when I went to Robinson’s Galleria last November. There was some sort of board game event and we just chanced upon it. But we enjoyed ourselves pretending to be heroes and zombies that a month later, I bought it for myself. From Amazon. It helped that my aunt who lives in New York was coming to the Philippines for the Christmas holidays and she didn’t mind bringing the game here after I have it delivered to her New York address.

Last Saturday, after coming from Balai Isabel with my family and previously mentioned aunt, my brother, E and I played the game. My brother won and he used the zombies. E and I won but I think it’s because when we were playing, we weren’t sure about all the rules yet. Anyway, I hope it’s not the last time we play the game, and hopefully next time, E and I can play it better. 🙂

On Sunday, my friend M went over to our house and she brought with her Vietnamese Coffee, which her “best friend” gave her for Christmas. I like coffee, so my opinion may be too pro-coffee, but I think that it was really good. And it does taste way awesomer if you mix condensed milk with it. It was really delicious with the tapsilog I ordered from Jollibee.

What else? Work is so far OK. I passed the first evaluation for this year, but I don’t think that really means anything since there will be tons more in the future. And also, I still lack some requirements, like my NBI Clearance. I gotta find my receipt to claim it. Grr. Where did I put it?

Right. It’s 2012 and I’m still losing important documents like that. I guess not that much has changed, really.


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