So Far…

It occurs to me only now that there are only a few days left for 2011.


What the hell happened this year? I didn’t feel it at all go by. Then again, it always feels this way when the year’s about to end. I always feel like I wasn’t productive enough. Instead of thinking of things that I accomplished for the year, I think of all the things I haven’t done yet, but was supposed to. For instance, cleaning my closet. As in, getting rid of the clothes that no longer fit and maybe buying new ones that do. Of course, that’s a minor thing compared to all the other things I wasn’t able to do. Like, taking the JLPT. Or, you know, fixing my life. Haha. Although, I’d say this year was still pretty eventful, as far as changes go.

My sister got married this year. So that is of course, the hugest change. I mean, sure it was a pretty huge change already when she started going out with her now-husband a few years ago, but back then it wasn’t so huge because future events were still up in the air, you know? Now that they’re married, it’s absolutely official that I have to be independent. Which is not a bad thing, but as with all kinds of changes in life, I will have difficulty getting used to it.

I spent almost half the year in New Zealand this year. To help with my sister’s wedding, mostly. But also I guess, to see if that life would fit me. And I think, because I’m here in the Philippines now, I’ve pretty much decided that it’s not. Everybody else’s (AKA my parents’) opinions be damned, I’m staying here. In this polluted, crime-ridden, poverty-stricken, dirty-politician-infested 3rd world misdeveloping country. Maybe that makes me mentally ill, but what use will I have for a competent salary and an orderly lifestyle if I’m so lonely I want to kill myself?

I got a new job this year, too. After over one year of being unemployed, I finally have a job again. And it’s pretty okay so far. I get paid for correcting people’s grammar, which is a great thing for know-it-alls like me. Of course, this means that I will really have to have perfect grammar now. But I’m interested in grammar anyway so studying it isn’t too much trouble for me. (But if you see any grammatical errors in this post, I’m afraid I have to resort to the classic “This is my blog and if you don’t like it, you can stop reading anytime.”)

And of course I have to mention the developments with E. And how we’re apparently really only best friends now. After so many years of being undefined, I do think that we’ve finally found our footing. Of course, now that I’ve said this, the world will probably find a way to rock the boat and confuse me and make me crazy again, because the world can’t stand it when people are happy and satisfied and at peace. But for now, yeah, I’m saying it. We’re best friends. And really, this time… I think. 😕

And that’s pretty much it. That is my 2011 roundup. Disappointing? Maybe. But these are just “highlights” after all. Of course, in between all these things, other crazy/boring stuff happened, but I don’t think anybody will be interested to read about those. Heck, you’re probably not even interested to read about these.


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