Dusit Thani and Friends

Let’s attempt to make a typical blog entry and give a review about a restaurant. Because I don’t think there are enough reviews of this restaurant on the internet, and I can’t understand why when it’s a really good one.

But first! Kwento about my friends!

I haven’t seen A since I got back from NZ so it was great that when K asked if we were all free for dinner on Saturday, we all said yes. Tired of the usual restaurants and the unusual but too expensive ones, I suggested we eat at Dusit Thani in Glorietta 3. I’ve only eaten there once before, and have no idea why I never came back when, as I recall, I had a good time the first time I went there with my mom. I think I took it forgranted because it’s one of those things that have always been there so you hardly notice it any more. But that’s why it’s got extra points for longevity!

Anyway, for our appetizer, we ordered the Spring Roll with Thai Sauce.

Spring Roll with Thai Sauce Php90.00

It was delicious. 🙂 It’s not that extraordinary, honestly. I guess you can only do so much with spring rolls, but it definitely whet our appetites, so it did its purpose. 🙂

For our main courses, we ordered Chicken Breast in Pandan Leaves and  Shrimps in Red Curry.

Chicken Breast in Pandan Leaves Php200.00
Shrimps in Red Curry Php250.00

Again, they were both really delicious. The chicken in pandan went really well with the soy sauce and sesame seeds and the curry wasn’t too spicy. And we made the right choice in ordering plain rice so we wouldn’t be overwhelmed with too many flavors.

For drinks, we ordered Thai iced tea, which is nearly just like regular tea except that it’s got a coconut flavor. It’s something I really loved when I first encountered it many years ago, so I’m so happy that it did not disappoint, despite my high expectations.

So, it was a happy event today because 1) my friends and I saw each other and told happy stories; and 2) we were able eat at a non-mainstream restaurant (because let’s face it, one can only eat at TGIFriday’s and such so many times), which I think food bloggers take forgranted.

On an unrelated note: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ATE ELS! Happy Birthday Marella!


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