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Today, It’s Me and the People I Know

Everyone’s talking about The Royal Wedding, but for a small group of people, today is the day that our friend W died.

Today makes me feel guilty about all the times I spent thinking about trivial things, when I know that somewhere in the world, people are dying.

Today, one of those people who died is W. While the world watched with bated breath to see what a certain white dress looks like, me and my friends consoled each other about sad realities and gave sympathetic smiles to W’s family. The Royal Wedding suddenly seems so far away. And irrelevant.

I don’t blame the people in my Facebook News Feed who have posted extensive links to videos and photos and articles about William and Kate. I’m sure I’ve done that, too. While other people in my Friends list had their own tragedies to deal with, I probably posted about how Dan and Blair are so meant for each other. So yeah, I’m not saying it’s wrong. We can’t always care about every serious issue all the time. I guess I just have a hard time dealing with it because this time, I’m the one who’s concerned about a more important issue than The Royal Wedding. And that actually, this more important issue I’m so concerned with is maybe only important to me and the people I know.


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