The Last 10 Days

A month ago, my mom sent this e-mail to our family e-groups (Yes, we have one. Don’t all families do? 😉 ) :

Hindi naman siya masyadong excited?! Hehe. My mom writes the craziest e-mails sometimes. Though, I can’t blame her for this one because I share the same sentiments. And true enough, the past 10 days have been lots and lots of fun.

Day 1
April 8, 2011

Every member of my family rode an airplane on this day. But not the same plane, and not to the same destinations.

My sister planned on visiting our cousin and 1-year-old niece (whom she’d never seen) in Hong Kong and I guess the dates that she could take a leave from work was around this time, so she booked a flight to Hong Kong for April 8. Coincidentally, my brother had to attend an April 9 wedding in Boracay. So he booked a flight to Boracay for April 8. As for me, my mom and my dad, we were supposed to go to Coron, Palawan in March, but due to scheduling conflicts and a travel expo, we had to reschedule our trip. And my mom figured, why not go on April 8, too? 🙂

Days 2 – 4
April  9-11, 2011

So we spent the next days in Coron, Palawan, enjoying El Rio Y Mar Resort, and other really interesting places, i.e. Twin Lagoons, Barracuda Lake, Kayangan Lake, Siete Picados and Maquinit Hot Spring.

I think we went to the best places to see in Coron, but I want to go back because there are still tons of places that I read about but we no longer had the time or money to go to, like Malcapuya Island or Banol Beach. 4 days and 3 nights sounds okay when I think about people who go there for 3 days and 2 nights, but really, I want to spend a week there or longer. 😀

We met a German couple who owned a yacht that they had parked near the resort and we asked them how long they were going to stay there for. They said they didn’t know and from the looks of it, they didn’t have to care that much about time. They had their own boat, a resort/town nearby to buy supplies from, funds from their retirement (I’m assuming) and each other for company. Talk about living the life! If I liked boats, maybe their life would the kind that I would aim for. Hehe.

Days 5 – 8
April 12-15, 2011

So after about 4 days in Hong Kong, my sister finally came home! She arrived with her boyfriend E on April 12 and the next days were spent shopping and meeting some of my sister’s friends. And of course, we had to go sightseeing, too. So last Friday, my mom took a day off from work and we all went to Tagaytay! The ultimate day trip place*!

(L-R) My brother J, my mom, me, Ate and her boyfriend E at Bag of Beans for breakfast. Photo was taken by my dad.
Quick stop at Cliff House to see the view of the Taal Volcano and Lake
Lounging around at Tagaytay Highlands

Day 9
April 16, 2011

Saturday! Big party day! And you can tell that it’s a big party, too, based on the food:

Well, we had a lot to celebrate anyway. As my mother said in her e-mail, it’s hers and my brother’s birthday, and my sister is home!(She lives in New Zealand now so it’s always an event when she’s here in the Philippines.)

Lots of aunts and uncles and cousins came, which meant lots of noisy kids. My cousins have all been getting married and having kids the past 10 years that I now have 7 nieces and nephews, all under the age of 8. I know that doesn’t sound all that many when you use the actual number (it’s less than 10!), but when they’re all together, the noise they make is equivalent to the noise of 20 kids. Seriously. 😛

Here’s a rare moment of silence from them. Thank you, Disney Channel!

And I don’t know where the tradition of taking family pictures after events started, but we seem to do it every time we have a big party, especially during Christmas and New Year. I don’t have a copy of the photo though because it was taken with my photographer cousin’s hi-tech expensive DSLR, but after everybody left, we also took a photo using our point-and-shoot camera of the ones who were left in the house, specifically:

(L-R) Me, Dad, Mom, my brothers girlfriend M, my brother J, ates boyfriend E, our dog B, and my sister Z

Day 10
April 17, 2011

Now it’s today and my sister and E went to Palawan for their summer trip. The house is somewhat quiet again for the first time since they got here last week, which is why I have time to blog about all this. After a few days, though, they’ll be back and the days will be busy again, but if it’s anything like the busyness of the last 10 days then you’ll hear no complaints from me. 🙂

*This is just my opinion and I’m most probably biased since I’m a Southern girl, but really, Tagaytay kicks Antipolo’s a** as a day trip / garden restaurant destination. Hehehe!


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