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It’s So Cool!

Look! The days of the week for February of this year are the same days for March of this year! As in, February 1 is a Tuesday, and March 1 is also a Tuesday. And February 14 is a Monday, and March 14 is also a Monday! February 25 is a Friday, and March 25 is also a… Well, you get the point.

Isn’t it amazing?!! 😀

Or, am I just really shallow and I’m the only one who thinks this is something to be happy about? Whatever. It’s the first time in my lifetime that this has happened (that I noticed).


1 thought on “It’s So Cool!”

  1. haha!! okay akalain mong napansin ko rin ito.. nag-iiba lang ata siya the year after leap year.. not sure.. bsta may time na nag-iiba.. and it has something to do with leap year

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