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I Heart LiaCom!

It’s the last day of February but alas, I have nothing romantic to say, nor did I compile a list of romantic stuff. I guess February of this year just isn’t as romantic as I thought. But Valentine’s Day is still my favorite holiday. Even if the highlight of Valentine’s Day this year for me was baking pulburon and wrapping them in red paper.

Anyway, I want to tell you all about how I ❤ LiaCom! 🙂

First: What is LiaCom?

In my high school, at the time when I was a high school student, the class sections of Junior and Senior High School students were divided into three. To be general, they were Math sections, Science sections, and LiaCom, short for Liberal Arts and Commerce. They say that if you’re not good in Math or Science, then you must be creative somehow, or entrepreneurial. But of course, we all know better. It means that the smart kids are in the Math and Science sections, and the rest are in LiaCom.

Second: What’s the point?

I’m just telling you because last Saturday my Senior Year section had a mini reunion (mini, on account of only 7 of us were there (there’s 46 of us in the class)). I’m not really close with those classmates of mine because the ones I was closest to in high school were my club-mates (i.e. the high school paper staff), but I know they didn’t hate me either. I mean, I was pretty invisible in class. But I did want to attend our mini reunion, just to see how everyone was doing.

So, I’ve been going on and on about how I’m unemployed, and some of you might think that it’s a bad idea for me to show myself to my former classmates because everyone always says that high school reunions are only for showing off how much better off you are than other people your age who basically had the same education as you. But, that’s where the part of my heart-ing LiaCom comes in.

You see, because we’re not a Math or Science section (where all the smart kids are), I guess people expect less from us. Which I guess can be a bad thing, but I think it’s actually pretty okay. Because it means that we have a higher chance of exceeding their expectations. Also, since nobody actually cares all that much about “succeeding” since we were pretty much underachievers in high school, our conversations are less about “what’s your job”, which I think is just a really impersonal topic to talk about, and more about, “how has growing up changed your outlook in life?”

Okay, I’m totally exaggerating. We totally talked about “careers” and who’s working abroad and who’s got a cool car and all that. But it really didn’t feel like anybody was judging anybody, or that anyone was jealous of other people’s successes. And I guess, because we really didn’t have any high expectations for anyone, so anything that anybody did was just neutral information. And so when we found out that four of us, out of the seven that were there, were all unemployed at the moment, it was just funny, and not at all embarrassing. 😆

Of course, this actually is a sad commentary on our economy and our graduates and the apathy and incompetence of our generation and all that, but… at the moment I just feel nice that my high school classmates aren’t a bunch of social climbers who only care about other people’s salaries.

I’m probably wrong but I think that people who were from the Math and Science sections care about that more. I mean, they were the ones who cared about having grades high enough to be included in the honor roll. I think we LiaCommers didn’t change one bit. We’re still easygoing and apathetic to numbers. Although my closest friends (i.e. the people I worked with at the high school paper) were all from the Math and Science sections, and I used to kind of feel bad about how everybody would assume that everyone in LiaCom were only in LiaCom because they were too dumb to get into the Math and Science sections, I’m real glad that I was put in LiaCom. It’s probably only with us that after 10 years of graduating from high school, there’s still not that much pressure to actually “be someone”.


4 thoughts on “I Heart LiaCom!”

  1. LIACOM REPREZENT! haha. 🙂 Aminin tayo ang pinaka-happy sa lahat! haha.

    Ang saya naman ng reunion! Yung amin pakonti-konti rin ang batches ng nakakapunta sa reunion, dami kasi nag-aabroad, pero kung nagkakatipon-tipon naman puro kasabugan nga ang kwentuhan, chill lang. 🙂

  2. relative yan!! un friend ko diba LiaCom rin naman.. but she has achieved a lot.. pwede ring sabihin mas well-rounded kayo.. okay.. may mang-aaway na sakin dito.. bwahahahaha!

    1. hahaha! kasi panget ‘yung batch ng friend mo 😈 kaya even if liacom siya, marami siyang na-achieve. hehehe! ok walang sense.
      yeah, actually relative naman talaga 🙂 ‘yung nagcomment sa itaas, si kate, actually liacom siya pero siya ang 3rd/4th honor ng batch namin. 😀

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