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Life Update

It’s finally Valentine’s Day! I did say that February was my favourite month, but I turned out not to update my blogs too often. Talk about laziness. So, here goes a life update. 🙂

Out and About Virac, Catanduanes

Because Cebu Pacific had a promo with ridiculously cheap prices for roundtrip tickets to Virac (P200/person), my parents and I went to a place I didn’t even know existed. It turned out to be pretty great, though I don’t consider it the kind of place I’d go to over and over, which isn’t to say I’d turn down another trip there. Kaladkarin naman ako ‘eh.

We went last February 6 and stayed for 3 nights at Twin Rock Beach Resort in Igang, which is 20 minutes away from Virac airport & town, because we thought we’d need all 3 days to tour around the area, but it turned out that we just needed one day for the tour. We spent the rest of the time in the resort, which was fine because it had its own beach, swimming pool and restaurant.


Sights in Twin Rock Beach Resort (Click on image to enlarge.)

I wanted to go to Nahulugan Falls, but it was a 3-4 hour drive from Virac, so we went instead to Maribina Falls, which was smaller, but I liked anyway. But I think it helped that there weren’t too many people there when we went, so there was a point when I had the falls all to myself. It was that way when we went to Balite and Puraran Beach, too. I guess we should always go to strange places on off-peak dates. 🙂


Out and About South Catanduanes (Click on image to enlarge.)

127 Hours

So I went into the cinema thinking I’d just be swooning over James Franco, but then I turned out to be real grossed out. 20 minutes into the movie and I was already thinking, “Why in the world did I decide to watch this?!”

You see, 127 Hours is about a mountain climber Aron, who gets stuck in a crevice in a mostly-deserted canyon for (duh) 127 hours. He gets stuck, because his hand and part of his forearm was pressed into the wall by a rock, which he couldn’t move. He survives to tell the story, but he has to cut off his arm first. Yes, he cut off his own arm. And he did it with a small cheap knife, too. And the details were excruciating. I had to watch the cinema’s ceiling for a while so I wouldn’t be too grossed out, but I already felt weak at the knees seeing all the blood. 😕

Grossness aside, it was actually a really good movie. James Franco was amazing (as always), and despite being about a guy basically talking to himself for 3/4 of the movie, it wasn’t boring at all. So if you’re not too queasy, I’d recommend you watch it. If you are queasy, maybe you can wait for the DVD and just fast forward through all the bloody stuff, that way you don’t hear the sound of his bones breaking.Waaah.

No More Sugar

One of my favoritest bands in the world, Sugarfree is breaking up. 😦

So my friends and I made plans to catch one of their last gigs. Last Saturday, we went to Pap’s Place in Better Living Subdivision in Paranaque and sat through 5 unknown bands (in fairness, one of them, September Issue, I thought was really good) so we could see Sugarfree.

It was lots of fun. Most of the songs they played were my most favourite of theirs — Mariposa, ‘Wag Ka Nang Umiyak, Makita Kang Muli, Hay Buhay, Telepono, Tulog Na and Burnout. Also, in a strange turn of events, their original drummer Mitch played with them for some songs, and their usual quiet bassist Jal sang Taguan. The only disappointment of the night was that they played Hari ng Sablay as their encore song. Because it was requested by a fan. Who in the world was that fan!? I know Hari ng Sablay is one of their more famous songs that made them mainstream, but honestly it’s one of their songs that I least like. But I guess it was funny because just before playing it, the vocalist Ebe said, “Sigurado kayo? Para sa ibang tao ito na ang last time nilang mapapanood ang Sugarfree tapos Hari ng Sablay ang gusto n’yong last song namin?”

Too true. I was thinking the exact same thing. See? I love this band! They understand me! 😥

BTW, it was the first time in a long time that I went out again at night. Most of my social stuff take place during the daytime (and in a mall, and involves either eating lots and lots or seeing a movie), so it was a nice change of scenery. Also, I was so reminded that I was in the South because I saw a high school classmate in the crowd.

Lots and Lots of Sugar

I don’t have work so I don’t have anywhere to go today. So I made pulburon (something like a cookie that’s made with just flour, butter, sugar and milk) at home. And because it’s Valentine’s day, I covered them in red Japanese paper instead of the usual assorted colors I use.

They’re very delicious, of course. This is only one of the containers we put them in, but we made enough to fit 4 containers. Maybe I’ll give you some if I see you within the week.

All in all I’d say it was a great week. I got to travel with my family, hang out with my friends, see a movie, watch my favorite band perform, and cap it all of with yummy pulburon. Actually, now that I’ve enumerated all these, I think it was actually a perfect week. 😀



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