My Riley

I can feel my skin humming, my hands, my every inch of me.  I’ve never been this excited about anybody before.  I’m not trying to scare you, and I’m not going to force myself on you.  But I’m, by God, not going to walk away because I think it might not work. – Riley Finn, Buffy the Vampire Slayer S4E11 – Doomed

I guess I can blame my starting to watch Buffy on Season 4 for the reason why I love Riley Finn so much. Or maybe it’s because of his lines like that. I think, of all Buffy’s boyfriends, he’s the one who really fell in love with her. I mean, Angel of course was in love but it was more a protective kind of love, or a somewhat guilty kind of love that involved helping save the world. And Spike was in love, too, but it was the ego kind of love, that he mostly loved her because she was the slayer and not just because she was Buffy. So, yeah, although Riley turned out to be overly insecure at the end of their relationship, when they started out, he really fell for Buffy hard, and it was sweet and nice and happy. And, you know, Marc Blucas is very tall.

But I’m not saying the Riley is the best boyfriend for Buffy. Because I just can’t say it. Strangely, despite my occasional belief that there is only one person out there for us, I’m having a hard time choosing who really is “the one” for Buffy, which makes me think that maybe it is possible that there isn’t just one person who’s right for each of us, that there might in fact be several right people. Of course, we shouldn’t have a relationship with all of them all at once, but like, if one relationship ends, then maybe, it’s really possible that another happy one can begin. I mean, Buffy and Angel broke up, and Buffy was happy with Riley. And though they broke up too and Buffy’s subsequent relationship with Spike was pretty dark and not like a real relationship, when Season 7 came ’round, Buffy would say that Spike was in her heart, and me, as an audience, thinks that yeah, it fits, too.

If the whole “teams” (e.g. Team Jacob/Team Edward) had been the “in” thing back when BtVS was still on TV, I think I really wouldn’t have been able to choose whose side I’m on. Angel, Riley, or Spike. In the end they were all wrong for her, but before that, there were a lot of times that they were all really right for her. How is that possible?


2 thoughts on “My Riley”

  1. Oh man, I liked Riley. Spike and Angel were too dysfunctional, and ngl, Marc Blucas was kind of tall. LOL. Remember that ep he returned with his wife? That was a bit hurty somewhere.

    All this Buffy talk makes me want to go revisit a few things. 🙂

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