Post Christmas Post

So today I will write about the events that occurred in my life. No pictures, though. I’m too lazy to upload the pictures I took, and it’s not like I took a lot of pictures anyway.

The Christmas tradition in our family is that on the 24th, we spend it with my relatives on my dad’s side, and on the 25th we spend it with relatives on my mom’s side. This has worked very well for us since I was born and I really have no problems with it. I’m thinking that anyone who ever gets married should adapt this system, too.

Anyway, the usual Christmas family stuff are to be expected. Food, gifts, and noisy kids (or aunts and uncles can be noisy, too). I’m quite happy about our Christmas parties this year. I don’t really know why, I don’t think they’re much different from last year’s parties, but maybe I had a change in attitude or something? I think, it’s really good that E and I aren’t talking. And I’m thankful that I was finally able to delete his number from my phone, that way I wasn’t even tempted to call him today. I have always been sad about the fact that he, because of his religion, doesn’t celebrate Christmas, and so he can’t really relate to the stuff most people are usually concerned about this season, like gifts and decorations. And always, I feel like something’s missing because I can’t greet him, even if I want to greet him. But this year I didn’t even remember that I wanted to greet him. I guess this is a sign of improvement (on my part). And I’m hoping it will continue until I improve more and more and more. Before I met him, I think I was a pretty OK person then. I was just a little judgmental of people in love, but I’m more forgiving of them now.

But wait, wasn’t I talking about the holidays? Sorry about getting lost for a bit there.

It was really fun seeing all my nieces and nephews running around and being amusing. And on my mom’s family’s side, I had lots of fun singing “oldies” with my cousin and aunts on the karaoke machine. I missed my sister a lot, though. After all, she’s the best singer in the family.

‘Til next Christmas…


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