Sabi ko nga, ayokong mag-comment sa mga national issues, but… I can’t help it. 😐

So, may bagong pera ang Pilipinas. See news item here: New peso bills unveiled; in circulation this month

OK lang naman kaso… Eh? Kailangan ba talaga natin ‘yan? Don’t we have bigger problems than how our money looks? And, I don’t think there was anything wrong with our money in the first place. Parang lang ‘yung failed re-launch ng tourism campaign… Hindi naman kailangan, pero pinagkakagastusan ng gobyerno ng pera. And, believe me, I’m the last one to really complain about these things, sabi ko nga, ayokong problemahin ang mga bagay na hindi ko naman control, kaso, aren’t there better uses for our government’s time and resources?

Kung naghahanap ng magagawa si P-Noy, pumili lang siya ng kahit isa lang sa mga still unfinished cases sa kahit saang police station. Maski pa hindi maaaffect ng outcome nun ang buong Pilipinas, at least merong kahit maliit lang na group of people na magkakaroon ng closure.

You know how, in school, when you’re writing a reaction paper and then it has to be 2 pages long pero 1-page long lang ang naisulat n’yo, so you try to adjust the margins and the font size and the spacing, masabi lang na umabot kayo ng 2 pages, I mean, try to do everything else except what you actually need to do, which is to write more content? Ewan ko, parang ganun lang ‘yung feeling ko ‘dun sa issue na’to. The Philippines needs a change so, change the bills! Para mukhang may ginagawa kayo kahit actually wala naman talaga.

Is that too mean? I’m sorry. I love this country, really, it’s just that sometimes, things are…


1 thought on “Eh?”

  1. same sentiment here. that was my first question upon reading the news about the new bills.. is there a need to change it? change the value oo (improve it pa nga) but not the look.. haaaaay!

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