Will & Kate

Confession: I am so totally happy about these two getting married.

I’m probably the only person in the world, but whatever. Haters go to hell.

I mean, look how adorable they are! ๐Ÿ™‚ And isn’t their love story so sweet? Of course, I only know what I’ve read on the “press releases” which I’m sure aren’t that accurate, but since I like to edit facts when I store them in my head anyway, I will believe that their love story goes like this:

  1. William (apologies for not using correct titles and such, I’m from a country without a royal family) goes to college at a “normal” university and does what normal university students do, like attend fashion shows that the students have organized for charity.
  2. During one of these fashion shows, one of the student models catches William’s eye. And the prince isn’t able to stop thinking about her since.
  3. He eventually meets her, because you know, it’s not that big a university, and he is a prince, and at first they’re just “friends”, because of course since he’s a prince, he can’t really just start relationships with whoever. And Kate has her inhibitions about dating a prince, but then gets to know him better and starts liking him for who he is.
  4. So they officially become a couple and do couple-y stuff, like go on ski trips with each others’ families, or go to the beach with their friends.
  5. But the fact that William is a prince and so is somewhat “public property” takes its toll on them and they “break up”.
  6. But the break up doesn’t last long because, well I like to believe that it’s because ofย true love.
  7. And so they get back together, and after a few years, they get engaged. And they’ll get married and they’ll live happily ever after.

It’s a happy story, right? But people can just be really mean, I guess. Hence, I can’t help but react to their meanness.

  • Lots of people say that this doesn’t matter anymore because monarchies should be extinct. So yeah, I’ll agree to that to a certain point. I mean, titles are just titles and when you think about what’s really important in life, being a prince is just about the same as failing a pop quiz in 5th grade–it ultimately doesn’t matter. But, I’m not really fascinated by this because of the whole royalty thing. I’m happy for them because they are two people in the world who have found love and, why wouldn’t you want to be happy about that?
  • Americans Some people are such hypocrites. They keep talking about how “nobody cares” about this royal wedding because monarchies are wrong and should therefore no longer exist or be talked about, but if there’s an issue about Brangelina, they’re so concerned about it. What’s the difference, really? Just because Brangelina aren’t “royal” then it’s OK to obsess about them, but if you obsess about the Prince of England then you’re a supporter of outdated philosophies?! Double standards, much?
  • The meanest of all — Waitie Katie. WTH?! How can people insult/criticize Kate for “waiting too long” for William? What? Is there a rule that says you can only be boyfriend/girlfriend for like, 2 years and then after that you should either be married or broken up? Besides, in case you didn’t notice, Will and Kate are only on their late 20s, which is a perfectly OK age to get married. And William’s actually quite consistent with what he said before when he and Kate started dating seriously — that he probably wouldn’t be ready for marriage until he was at least 28. Well, he’s 28 now, so the timing of this is actually quite exact. And besides, what makes people assume that Kate was the one waiting for William, anyway? Why is it always the woman who’s “waiting”? Hasn’t anybody else considered that maybe she wasn’t ready to get married either before now? Just because we never heard her say it, doesn’t mean that the only reason she’s been with William all these years is because she’s “waiting for him”. Honestly. ๐Ÿ™„

That said, I really hope that these two will make it in sickness and in health and ’til death. We know it’s not impossible. I mean, just because the previous royal wedding with Charles and Diana ended in a divorce, doesn’t necessarily mean that this one will, too. So, best of luck to them! I really hope they make it. ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S. Ang ganda ganda ni Kate Middleton.

P.P.S. Their wedding will be on April 29, 2011 Friday. I hope it gets shown on TV or something. I kind of want to see what a royal wedding is like. I wasn’t born yet when Charles and Diana were married.


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