Oh Hey, December. You’re Here.

Christmas is upon us. As evidenced by the Christmas tree in our living room (and everywhere else) and blinking star lanterns on our porch. Hooray.

Can you feel my excitement? 😐 Don’t mean to be a downer. I love Christmas just as much as the next person. Or, maybe not. It’s not a secret that my favorite season is actually Valentine’s Day. You know what’s weird? I think it’s sadder to be single during Christmas than Valentine’s Day. Because, I dunno, because Valentine’s Day is just a day, and not a real holiday. I mean, not really. As Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind put it, it’s just “a holiday invented by greeting card companies to make people feel like crap”. (That’s just one interpretation of course, and I don’t necessarily believe it.) But Christmas is, well, it’s important. You know what I mean?

And it’s linked to New Year’s, which is less important, but also kind of. I mean, when the clock strikes midnight on January 1st of the next year, and you have nobody to text “Happy New Year”, I mean, nobody special, isn’t that kind of sad?


2 thoughts on “Oh Hey, December. You’re Here.”

  1. I get what you mean.

    It’s like I’m expected to be happy on Christmas day like everyone else but honestly I don’t feel glad so what the heck is wrong with me?

    But new year… I love new year. No. That’s a lie. I don’t love new year. I love food on new year. 😉

    1. Thanks for the comment!

      I think the main reason I don’t like Christmas all that much anymore is because most of my relatives are now abroad, so on Christmas day there are only a few of us celebrating, so there’s no one to talk to and I end up just watching TV, which isn’t Christmas-y at all.

      As for New Year, I like it better than Christmas, too. But not just because of the food. Mostly because of the fireworks. 🙂

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