7 Part 1

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows SPOILERS are here.
Don’t read if you don’t want to know what happens.

Where to begin? I loved it. But then, I’m always a little biased when it comes to Harry Potter. I watched this movie today with my dad and my mom was quick to tell us that we’re such cheaters because we didn’t wait for her, despite knowing that she also wants to see it. But I wanted to watch it right away, and I kind of want to watch it twice on the big screen so I figured it’s good to watch it on the opening day, and then again when everyone’s excitement has waned. I think I’ve watched several Harry Potter movies (not all, though, I’m not crazy) twice in the cinema. Anyway… since I’m not feeling too coherent today, let me just enumerate stuff about the movie:

  • I don’t think you’ll understand the story if you don’t know/remember what happened in Books/Movies 1-6. They don’t explain what Horcruxes are at all. You’re expected to already know what they are and why Harry is looking for them.
  • Other than that, I think I have nothing but praises for this movie. It’s the best one in terms of translating the words into something visual. The other movies were pretty cool, but they have outdone themselves this time with regard to the special effects and location shooting. The locations are like Lord of the Rings level — all the cliffs and mountains and forests. Absolutely wonderful.
  • The scene at Godric’s Hollow — SCARY AS HELL. I mean, it was really one of the scariest parts in the book (if not the scariest (why yes, I still get scared when reading books, so what?)) and the execution here was brilliant. I mean, the actress they got for Bathilda Bagshot (Hazel Douglas) is the quintessential “scary old lady”.
  • Dobby’s Death – Didn’t bring as much tears to my eyes as the book did, and it didn’t help that they made Hermione and Ron look helpless during the whole thing, but oh well.
  • Ron/Hermione/Harry – Oh, here’s something I really feel strange about: Why are the creators of the Harry Potter movie Harry/Hermione shippers? I mean, they’re supposed to follow the canon pairings (since they’re supposed to be faithful to the books) which are Harry/Ginny, and Hermione/Ron. Are they confused or something? Or is it just bad luck that the actors for Harry and Hermione have more chemistry together than Harry and Ginny and Hermione and Ron? Seriously, the scene where Hermione and Harry are dancing in the tent — it’s way sweeter than the scene where Harry and Ginny kiss. There’s just really something wrong when a dance between two friends is more romantic than a kiss between a couple. Why? Why did they put so many Harry/Hermione scenes, and only one Ron/Hermione shipper scene — when their hands were slightly touching? And that scene was so subtle that nobody would really notice it. Oh, reality. You just have to ruin everything that’s good on paper, don’t you?
  • Speaking of that dance between Harry and Hermione, it really is kind of cool when they add scenes like that that aren’t in the book that make you think that it’s really worth it to see the movies even if you already know the story. Another scene I like, which wasn’t in the book, was the one they added to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, with the Gryffindor boys in their room, eating jelly beans that made them roar like a lion or jump around like a monkey. It was such a great way to show how the boys have bonded with each other, but if that were written in the book, it probably would’ve been a boring part.
  • It’s so funny that my dad felt sad about Dobby’s death and then said, “‘Di bale, may isa pa namang elf, diba?” referring to Kreacher, not knowing that Kreacher was one of the “bad” elves.
  • Was that Cormac McLaggen in the Hogwarts train saying “My father’s going to hear about this!” ? Is he the new Draco Malfoy now that Malfoy’s not in school, anymore?
  • Bellatrix Lestrange you scene-stealer. There are a dozen Death Eaters in that room and yet all eyes will still fall on you.

BTW, the TV in Burger King was playing Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone earlier and I was lucky enough to catch my favorite part:

Hermione: Now, if you two don’t mind, I’m going to bed, before either of you gets another idea that gets us killed or worse—expelled.

Ron: She needs to sort out her priorities.

Ah, good times… I’m so going to miss them when Part 2 is over.

P.S. Bread Talk has phased out the Cheese&Corn loaf. How dare they?! 😥 Another favorite food of mine phased out. I swear. The world is out to get me.


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