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Sariling Atin

Look, the English term for “telenovela” is soap opera, OK? And what that they have in common, no matter what country they’re made in, it’s that they’re bad. People watch them because they’re so ridiculous that it’s entertaining. Hence, there is no point in having a critic who studied film in college, write a review about it. And there’s even less of a point to read those reviews. But why am I bringing it up?

Since I’m home most of the time now, I get to watch these cheesy telenovelas on local TV now. I’m still not hardcore (I don’t watch Magkaribal), and I’m actually only watching to see glimpses of Rico Blanco (This is another Rico Blanco fangirl entry! Oh, don’t look so surprised) in his show, Imortal. But because the time slots of shows in local TV is the same as “Filipino time”, meaning, when you say that something is on at 9:00, it’s more likely to be on at 9:10 or 8:55 or whatever, so I get to watch the last few scenes of the drama before Imortal, which is the Mara Clara remake.

Now, I know about Mara Clara because I was in grade school when the original version with Judy Ann Santos and Gladys Reyes was shown. And because I was in the A.M. classes, naabutan ko pa siya kahit nung hindi pa siya prime time (and they only switched it to prime time anyway after a few years, para matapatan ang Marimar ng RPN 9 — oha! That’s local trivia for you! Hahaha! I can’t believe I actually know this.) Anyway, I just wanted to say that it’s really not that bad. Of course, it can’t compare to the original because Judy Ann Santos is just one of those actresses that you can’t replace, but the new version kind of grows on you, as do all other soap operas (in my opinion).

And so, I am now officially hooked on Imortal. Nevermind that I don’t know the back story because I never saw an episode of Lobo, or that it’s one of those shows that uses shoddy special effects/digital effects. The presence of Rico Blanco in it is enough for me to watch, and you know, the story’s so cheesy it’s entertaining. I mean, who hasn’t heard of vampires and werewolves building armies for a war, and in the middle are a girl and a guy, on opposite sides, but falling for each other anyway?

Why am I talking about this? Earlier when I was watching the show, my dad told me that the review for Imortal was that it was “a lazy version of Twilight.”

My response?

“Hello! Mas-maganda naman ang Imortal ng mga 20 times kesa sa Twilight, ‘no!”

Of course, I’m being ridiculous. Though I’m not a fan of Twilight, of course I will admit that their digital effects are far superior. But other than that, I don’t think they’re really supposed to be compared. After all, even though they both have vampires and werewolves as characters, Twilight is a book/movie. Imortal is a soap opera whose main purpose, let’s face it, is to have John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin do a project together, and I guess, launch Rico Blanco’s TV career. So really, reviews be damned! Don’t criticize me for watching local TV. I know the stories are bad. Heck, I bet you the writers know themselves that the stories are bad/overdramatic/whatever. But like I said, they’re soap operas. They’re supposed to be that way.

John Lloyd > Edward Cullen !!!

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