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Underwater Hoarder

So I took the “Which Disney Princess Are You?” quiz on Facebook. I normally get Alice in Wonderland on “Which Disney Character Are You?” or “Which Fairy Tale Character Are You?” so I thought I’d get her again this time, but I realized that Alice isn’t a princess, so I did feel a bit of excitement as to what my result would be. I thought that I wouldn’t like it, because to my recall, I was never able to relate to any of the Disney characters except for Alice in Wonderland. But lo and behold, when I saw my result, the first thing I thought was, “Oo nga ‘no!”

So, of course I’m not saying that I’m such a great singer that a witch would want to steal my voice, and I’m the last person who you’d describe as someone who “follows her dreams”. But I think the question in the quiz that really got me this result was:

If you were in Maury, your show’s subtitle would be…

And I don’t remember the other possible answers, but my answer was this: Hoarders.

I realized that Ariel was a hoarder, because what she called a “treasure trove”, was actually a storage room full of junk. I mean, who needs twenty thing-a-ma-bobs, really?!

Well, I say it’s ridiculous but if you know me you’ll wonder almost the same thing — why do I keep even my ballpens that don’t have ink anymore? Why can’t I bring myself to part with my old books, even the sucky ones? Why don’t I throw anything away (and I do mean anything–I once saw, inserted in the spaces in my desk, old notes passed between me and my friends in high school. And I guess that would be OK if we were talking about maybe our crushes, except that the note was about lunch. As in, “wala kong baon. bili tayo chicken burger mamaya” And her response was “sige”. I mean, seriously, why did I not throw that away?!)? And I have been somewhat infamous (before I grew older and more of a scaredy cat) for correcting people’s “mistakes”, especially their grammar.

Anyway, I also noticed that the original story of Little Mermaid actually had a tragic ending — with the little mermaid killing herself so that her prince would live happily ever after with the girl that he chose to love. How heartless is that prince, huh? Here was a girl who gave up her powers (because I consider being a mermaid a special power — they can breathe underwater!) just so she could be with him, and he goes and chooses another girl. Well, isn’t that just the story of my life (minus the superpowers). To top it all off, in the Disney version, this heartless prince’s name is, well, let’s just say it’s a name that I can easily associate with a heartless person.

But enough bitterness. Figures that even a result on an internet quiz about a Disney movie would get me thinking about how my life is such a tragedy. Am I melodramatic or what?


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