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Laguna Boy

Once in a while, you will notice that I fangirl for Rico Blanco. Like now.

Here’s a link to his tumblr.

And here’s my fangirling:
I absolutely love that his URL is “lagunaboy.com”. Because he’s from the province of Laguna. And Laguna is my favorite province. I know, I’m not from there (apologies, but I am province-less, having lived in the city all my life, and my parents grew up in the city, too), but I love it because it’s near where I live. It’s at the south of Manila, too, which is an area that I love. And I know others who live here love it, too. Seriously, our love for the South is like no Northerner has for the North. 🙂 Doesn’t it show in Rico Blanco’s URL that he’s proud to be identified as someone from the South (Laguna)?

So there, I just wanted to list what I love about Laguna: Carabao Milk, Mer-Nel’s Chocolate Cake, The 7 Lakes of San Pablo, Caliraya, Pagsanjan Falls, actually, basically all bodies of water, including the private pools in Pansol (despite their being man-made), Tagalog, and Rico Blanco.

P.S. I am fully aware that the true South of the Philippines is Mindanao, but for this blog’s sake, anything south of Manila can be considered as “the South”.

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