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My Poor Social Skills

I’ve finally found a way to explain my poor social skills:

I don’t want to be normal because it’s boring. But being different, is lonely.


5 thoughts on “My Poor Social Skills”

  1. What’s so bad about being boring? Provided you’re happy with whatever it is that makes people think you’re boring, it shouldn’t be a problem. (Maliban na lang kung ikaw na mismo ang nabo-bore sa sarili mong buhay… Then yes, I guess…)

    As for being different resulting into loneliness? I strongly disagree. 🙂 Why do you say so, though?

    1. Ok lang naman if people think I’m boring 😛 but I’m the one who gets bored of normalcy. For example: I feel left out when I see pictures of all my friends having fun at a marathon, because I’m not there having fun with them. But when I think about it, even if I’m there, I still wouldn’t have fun (I’d be bored), because I don’t like marathons.
      And the things I do find fun are things that hardly anybody I know likes. I know that it’s great to be different, but sometimes I just want to rave about a certain movie or book, but then find that nobody’s interested in what I have to say. Or maybe, I want to know someone’s opinion about something I found interesting, and then he/she has nothing to say about it. That’s when it gets lonely.

      1. Maybe you just need to meet more (new) people, one or two for each specific interest 😛 this is kinda what I have going for me right now – I have really close friends and then my other friends naman, I’m friends with them for different reasons. So there’s always someone to connect with 😀

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