TV, What Happened to You?

And here I was so excited about the new seasons of The Big Bang TheoryBones, Chuck, and House. But so far, everything (except for Chuck) has been a letdown. 😦

SPOILERS are here. If you don’t watch, don’t read.


I’ll start with Chuck because that’s the one show that I still really really love. In fact, I actually love it more than last season. 🙂

First, Chuck and Sarah are finally together! 😀 And I think it’s just right. 3 seasons of the back and forth thing was just enough, and the best part is that despite them being together, there are still a lot of issues to get through, and so they don’t get boring.

Second, although Chuck’s family and Morgan all knew about his spy life at the end of season 3, I’m kind of happy that they’re trying to keep it a secret again from Ellie and Awesome. I don’t know why some fans think it’s evil to keep Chuck’s spy life a secret from his sister. I mean, that’s the show! Can’t they picture how boring it’ll be if Chuck goes to a spy mission and just tells Ellie, “Ok, I’m off to a spy mission now, bye!” 🙄

Third, the reinvention of the Buy More! I have to admit, having it become a full-fledged CIA base was a great idea, because the Buy More antics were getting old by Season 3, and it was totally not believable that nobody would notice Chuck and Casey’s absences. But now that it’s a CIA base, with slides leading directly to Castle, well, it’s just cool. And I’m happy that Jeff and Lester are still in it. Because what’s the Buy More without them?

Fourth, the search for mom arc. I’m not really all that fangirly about the whole OMGLINDAHAMILTON!  thing. But I’m glad that there is an overall arc to this season. I like it more than seasons that are episodic, and the arc would form only on the last 3 episodes or something. The best shows are the ones that have like an ultimate goal that you’d get snippets of per episode, but also individual adventures for each episode (e.g. Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

The Big Bang Theory

Right. I’m having more and more doubts about this series. Last season wasn’t particularly good. There were some funny episodes, but the other episodes were just blah. I think this show peaked on its second season, and everything’s downhill from there. 😦 Of course it’s sad, because I really really like this show. But now it’s just… 😕

First, I HATE AMY FARRAH FOWLER. I didn’t like her when she first came (at the season finale no less!) and I don’t like her now. Maybe she provided a few laughs and I would’ve been entertained for one episode, but having her as a recurring character is just 😡 grrrr!! The show doesn’t need another Sheldon, and frankly, she’s worse than Sheldon because at least Sheldon has that child-like endearing quality. Amy Farrah Fowler is just… Grrr!! I much prefer Ramona Nowitsky from Season 2 as Sheldon’s “girlfriend”.

Second, although I love Sheldon, I really hate that the series has become a “Sheldon show”. In Season 1 and 2, there were episodes that centered around the other characters, and they were funny, and they were great. But now, it’s like everything is about Sheldon, and as much as I love him, because of all the attention around him, I am now sick of him.


Yeah, so, it’s totally NOT believable that Booth and Bones are still not together after 5 seasons, but I am willing to believe that (it’s a TV show after all, and not supposed to be realistic) if there were other aspects of their lives that they had character development. But so far, it’s been episode after episode of the same thing and I am now more interested in the other people in the Jeffersonian. You have to know that something’s wrong with your show when your leads are less interesting than the supporting characters. Even the interns are now more interesting to me than Booth and Bones.

And what was up with the episode this week? It was a total excuse to feature the “Jersey Shore lifestyle” and while I guess it’s fun for the writers to poke at pop culture, I don’t think the audience of Bones are the kind of people who like The Jersey Shore show anyway. It was pretty painful to watch for me. They’re taking Bones’ awkwardness to the extreme, and it doesn’t work and it’s not funny.

Oh, and I wish they got a better actress to play Booth’s love interest. Although I’m not thrilled to see him with another girl, I understand the necessity for it, since he and Bones aren’t together yet. But they hired the wrong actress. I mean, sure, she’s pretty, but she and David Boreanaz don’t have chemistry. It’s just weird seeing them together.

But I will say this: the show isn’t beyond salvation. I’m happy to see Bones getting jealous and avoiding dealing with her feelings. So I hope they do something useful with this and have a really great episode soon.



’nuff said.

P.S. I actually also watch How I Met Your Mother, but it’s too mediocre (I mean the entire series and not just the season) that I don’t want to waste my time commenting on it.

2 thoughts on “TV, What Happened to You?”

    1. Yeah, Priya was kind of ok when she first came around, but they’ve manipulated her so that Penny and Leonard will have a reason to be together again. I really don’t like that they put too many girls in the show. I mean, one of the things that made it funny before was that Penny was the only girl (I mean, apart from the guests, which are necessary and therefore ok) and so she was the only one who was concerned about girly things. But now, it’s as much the girls’ (Penny, Bernadette, Amy) show as it is the guys and well, it’s becoming a FRIENDS clone.

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