Inception VS Wallstreet: Money Never Sleeps

For some reason, people keep/kept saying that Inception was a movie that’s hard to understand.

Um… why? When I first watched it, of course, I didn’t notice all the details, but I understood what was going on. Although you will somehow get confused if the characters were dreaming or not, if they were in the real world or not, the story still followed a pretty easy to follow typical narrative where

1) hero is introduced, his unique characteristics are shown
2) hero gets a seemingly impossible task
3) hero accomplishes said impossible task and lives happily ever after*

*for the purposes of this blog entry, we will assume that the movie had a happy ending, as opposed to, well, all the speculative endings everyone else has thought of

And the absolute best part about Inception: they used simple words. Except for “inception”, but the lead character Cobb actually defines it in the movie so there’s no confusion.

So, what the heck? I went into the cinema expecting to be confused and all “What the f*** is happening?!” like I did when I watched The Fountain, but ended up being blown away by the greatness of the film, and not at all confused. Even The Dark Knight and The Prestige were harder to understand than Inception.

And you know what’s another movie that’s difficult to understand?

Wallstreet: Money Never Sleeps

No, seriously. I think only brokers and other people in the finance business will be able to understand this movie. Heck, I didn’t even understand the news 2 years ago whenever they talked about the whole stock market thing (and yes, I’m referring to it as “the stock market thing” to further underscore the fact that I have no idea what the heck it’s about) and recession and all that. So yeah… What the heck was going on? Apart from all the family stuff in the movie (i.e. SPOILER ALERT. Please highlight to read: Jacob (Shia LeBouf) gets close with Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) thinking he can trust him as a mentor since he’s engaged to Gekko’s daughter, Winnie. But Gekko double-crosses Jacob, and it causes Winnie to break-up with him for getting involved in a scheme with her estranged father, whom she told him not to trust in the first place.), I understood nothing. Nothing about the tulip bulbs, or the rumors that ruin businesses, or the fusion thing that Jacob seems to be obsessed with. Investments what? Insurance what? What the heck is a bubble? And what the heck does the human race’s origins have to do with financial crises?

The rating for this shouldn’t be PG-13. It should be “BA in Finance or related”.


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