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Nothing Major Major

I woke up “early” today to watch the Miss Universe 2010 pageant live. I suppose there are a lot more productive things I can do with my time whenever I wake up early, but I hope you don’t judge me if I like looking at pretty dresses and swimsuits and “national costumes”. So maybe beauty pageants are outdated and degrading and whatever, but the winner does charity work and such, so it’s not a complete waste of our resources, right?

OK, let’s talk about the pageant now.

I actually didn’t wake up in time still and started watching when they were about to announce the Top 15. I said that our country, the Philippines should be included because if we weren’t, then it wouldn’t be as much fun to watch. Luckily, not only did our contestant Venus Raj get into the Top 15, but she got into the Top 10 and the Top 5 as well! Hooray! πŸ˜€

Unfortunately, she was only a runner-up, but that’s OK because I was really happy that she got to at least the Top 5. I just wonder how people from those countries who weren’t included in the Top 15 feel while they were watching. I mean, what’s the point if there isn’t anyone you’re rooting for? And what’s the point of rooting for someone who isn’t from your country? Or, okay, I guess it’s also fun to root for others because honestly I kind of liked Miss Australia, too. And if Miss Philippines didn’t win, I would’ve wanted to see Miss Australia as the next Miss Universe.

Alas, it was Miss Mexico who won. I don’t have anything against her though I didn’t really like her answer in the Q&A part and I think what put Miss Philippines at the bottom of the Top 5 was her answer at the Q&A part, which is where the title of my post comes from. (This quote is an approximation. I didn’t write it down while I was watching it. I’m not that fangirly.)

Q: What big mistake have you made in your life and what did you do to overcome it?
A: I can say that in my 22 years of existence, there is nothing major major, I mean, problem that I’ve had to face and it’s because of the support of my family and friends and that’s why I made it here and I’m so happy to be here.

Right. Malas lang talaga kasi ang panget ng tanong. How come all the other contestants got stuff about the usual death penalty and other international issues, but Miss Philippines gets a personal question? What should she have answered? If let’s say she was caught shoplifting when she was 15, I don’t think it would’ve been wise to admit that to an international audience. Darn you William Baldwin (he’s the judge who asked/picked the question, btw).

Oh well. There’s always next year. Congratulations to Ms. Mexico for 2010! πŸ™‚

(Pictures from http://www.missuniverse.com/ )


I was going to forego this but what the heck.

OK, regarding “major major”, which apparently everyone also noticed and so is now making fun of, let me defend Venus Raj’s use of it. There is, actually, something called “Philippine English”, which is the Philippine variant of the English language, much like how Ireland has their own version of English called Irish English or the British have their own British English. Because we have adopted English as our second language, it’s only natural that we have our own colloquial form of it, which differs somewhat from its parent American English.

The difference being, nothing major (major). Just perhaps a characteristic of the national language Filipino/Tagalog or two that’s also applied to English, e.g. Instead of saying “turn on the lights”, in the Philippines, it’s accepted to say “open the lights”, because the literal English translation of the Filipino word buksan, meaning “turn on” is “open”.

Now, in Filipino, you can repeat words for emphasis, e.g. When “Ang ganda niya” means “She’s beautiful”, “Ang ganda ganda niya” means “She’s really beautiful”. Since Venus Raj meant to say that she hasn’t done any really big mistakes in her life, she repeated the word “major” for emphasis.

Of course, it still turned out wrong because she wasn’t able to follow that description with the right words, so she just excused herself and used the crutch of “I mean…” but I don’t really blame her for that. She was in a stressful situation and was at least able to handle it better than Janina San Miguel.

Right. Maybe I’m talking too much about this. But I’m kind of sad that there are so many people who can’t appreciate Miss Philippines being in 5th place. People are so harsh.


4 thoughts on “Nothing Major Major”

  1. for my own view, personal question is much easier than technical, political, etc. If she did answer the question no matter how funny or bad, but if she did. i think she will be the 2010 Ms. Universe. Unfortunately, she didn’t answer it. Anyway, no matter how bad it gets, if we’re still alive its just another bad day. Congrats to all 2010 Miss Universe contestants, Miss Philippines and Miss Mexico.

    1. I think it really depends on the venue. If only your friends and family are watching then personal questions are easier to answer, but when you’re facing an international audience, a question about international issues has more appeal than a personal one since it’s something that more people will be able to relate to.

      So yeah, I’m not blaming her for answering the way she did. I don’t even think it was a big deal when she said “major major”. I mean, for all we know, Ms. Mexico made grammatical errors too, and it was only her translator who didn’t.

      (Although I used “major major” as the title of this entry because I think it’s a cute/funny Filipino quirk to do that, repeat words for more emphasis, I mean.)

    1. Exactly! People keep saying that it was such an easy question and that she could’ve just picked any mistake she’s done kasi imposible naman na hindi siya nagkamali, but… when you’re facing the world, you have to choose carefully what you’re going to say, and I think it was classier to respond what she did rather than admit something. Baka ma-label pa siyang parang Kris Aquino na open book kung open book ang buhay.

      I think mas-mahirap talaga ‘yung question niya kasi unlike the others who will just give their opinion on something, ‘yung sa kanya, kailangan pa niyang maghalungkat sa memory niya ng particular incident. It’s not the kind of question that you can answer without being given some time to think about.

      And as for those who keep saying that she should’ve talked about how she was nearly disqualified from the Miss Philippines pageant, um, I don’t think that was really HER mistake. It was a mistake in the system, and mabuti na lang din hindi niya binulgar sa mundo diba, kundi yari nanaman ang impression ng mundo sa mga protocols/rules and regulations natin.

      Haha ok ang haba ng reply ko. Sorry naman. Like I said in my entry, ang harsh lang kasi ng ibang tao kung maka-judge sila.

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