Half-Started, Half-Finished

It’s July 1. And half of the year is over. Or, half of the year is starting. Depends on how you look at it.

I sent my officemates this picture today, along with the words “Have a great 2nd half of the year!” in an e-mail. I included a picture of Jacob Black, just because I can. And because I have a semi-hangover from the movie Eclipse. Just in case you want my opinion, I’ll make it short: It was funny. And the best of all 3 movies. But I haven’t read the books and haven’t been paying that much attention to the whole “phenomenon” really so, what do I know? Anyway, I really wanted to talk about what’s been happening.


Obviously, if you look at the archives, June has been one of my quietest months. As in, I haven’t been posting much lately. I don’t want to be cliche and say it’s because I’m busy with work. Besides, if you have work, when are you ever not busy, right? I honestly don’t know the reason. There are still a million thoughts in my head, but I think I’ve fallen (again) into a bad sleeping habit that I lose my thoughts too quickly, or that I can’t think straight for a long time.

I really want to write. And not just in this blog, but fiction. Stories. The kind I used to write. I think I really need more discipline so I can actually finish writing a story. I’ve gotten so impatient now, that I can’t even write short stories. Hence, the silence in June.

The 365 Project

Of course, this could also Β be the reason why I haven’t been writing here much. I started the 365 project last month, and today will be the first day that the number of day (i.e. Day 31) will not correspond to the date (i.e. July 1; as opposed to Day 2 – Β June 2). Maybe it’ll be harder to track. And I can’t believe I’m running out of subjects to take photographs of, after only 30 days :cry:. But maybe when I’m really used to it, like when Day 100 comes, then I’ll be able to take really good pictures. Hopefully.

Buying Online

Right. This is nothing new. I’ve actually bought stuff online before. I bought a dress. And a lot of my friends have bought other stuff. More expensive stuff. More fragile stuff. But somehow, I’m still a bit paranoid about buying online. And I’m a little bit amazed at people who have enough confidence to buy lots of stuff online. Don’t they think it’s weird that they can’t see or touch or fit (in the case of clothes and shoes) exactly the items they’re purchasing? And it’s also kind of scary how easy it is. I mean, you just send an e-mail or a message about the item you want, give your address, deposit money in the bank, and viola! You get the complete set of Harry Potter books delivered to your doorstep the next day. I guess I really am an old-fashioned kind of person because I genuinely like having to go to the bookstore and look for a certain book on a shelf and line up to the cashier. Ok, maybe I don’t like lining up, but still, I think there’s joy in buying stuff, old-school style.

Anyway, the reason I’m mentioning this paranoia of buying stuff online is because I actually bought something today. And it’s not from, like a reknowned company like Amazon or anything like that. I’m just buying stuff from some guy who sells second-hand/slightly used toys on the internet. They’re way marked down from brand new original selling price, and my friend’s told me that the guy who sells is reliable. And when I called the shipping company to track the package, they’ve said that I can expect it by tomorrow. So there’s really no reason to be worried, is there? Well, it’s just me and my paranoia. You know me. Pessimist. I did at first think that July 1 means that the year’s half-finished. Time flies really fast.

Just a little trivia: Because of my somewhat OC behavior on tracking the darn package, I’ve memorized the 12-digit tracking number. And when I called the company to check and they asked me it, I didn’t have to look at my cellphone at the message that the seller sent me that contained the number. This should be a good thing because it shows that I’ve got great memory skills. But I think it also shows that I can be a real psycho.

New Theme

And since July is the official end of the summer season (I’m only basing this on beach resorts’ “summer rate” and “regular rate”), I’ve also changed my theme. Alas, I can’t change “In the land of summer” because I can’t find where I’m supposed to edit it. 😐 But the Philippines will always be a tropical country anyway, so it really is the land of summer. (And if Global Warming happens, the the land of summer will be everywhere.)

So many things are changing. Other than the very obvious, which is the government, I feel like this is a month for change. I’m not a big fan of change, as you probably know. But… changes for the better should always be welcome.

Happy 2nd half of 2010 to you! πŸ˜€


5 thoughts on “Half-Started, Half-Finished”

  1. What I’m going to write have absolutly nothing to do with your entry (I’ve just came to your “new” blog, and didn’t have the time to read it yet..), but I can’t help it, just telling you what I think.
    Maybe it’s seems weird! and even creepy when I’m thinking of it, but I can’t restrain myself, ah!
    I’ve just come on your new blog, and I was reading one of your last entry on your “between ellipses” blog. (which is still alive, just that you’re aware)
    And what is that I feel this nostalgic reading your entry, although I never had a blog in my whole short life ?

    Even if you don’t know me and I don’t know you (but reading you make me feel as I “know” you, it’s weird, maybe it’s because I can relate to you for so many subjects) well, it’s kind of awkward to write it, as it sounds to my own ears like an Γ” so solemn and cheesy confession of admiration (really, I keep disgressing and can’t seem to be able to say things straight forward, it’s one of my big problem) what I wanted to say is that I’m glad that last year, I entered “proposal daisakusen” in google image search (haha really it’s true!) as I got to came on your blog (the first one) coincidentally this way. (it still amazes me, coincidences…) Because as you see, even 1 year after, some of what you wrote affect me. There are really entire sentences that I wanted to write on a paper in order to not forget them, because it was SO it, those things you can’t put words on. Fortunatly, some people are able to. It was really funny and interesting at the same time to read your blog, although you kept saying you had a boring life, I thought it wasn’t, or anyway you wrote in a way it was really interesting and even exciting.
    Again, it might be weird to hear this from a complete stranger.
    And how come you’re a complete stranger to me and I began to be this interested in your life ? Even for me it’s strange when I think of it, it’s all the world of the geniusly hasard (if you believe in coincidence)
    Just that I think a lot of your ideas really are interesting, and your writing is really good, and… (I’m really full of praise) you always know how to put funny things coming from nowhere.

    Just I had the feeling that I should say it to you, because it’s kinda hard to keep those kind of things for oneself. How it’s hard to speak feelings. ^^ I hope you’ll read and won’t fright away XD

    (I’m french and not so good in english in case you think my grammar/spelling/or just my way to say things is weird ^^ (just how many times I have said the word “weird” ? I think it speaks for itself ^^’))

    Well.. I’m done with my brainstorm (?) so I just wish all the best for you. ^^

    1. Hi Nina! Thanks for the long comment (I love long comments that aren’t spam!) and for stumbling upon my blog and actually having the patience to read my entries πŸ™‚

      I still love Proposal Daisakusen and we can talk about it all the time if you want! Heheh! I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of Ken and Rei’s love story.

      Anyways, hope to see you again! πŸ˜€

      1. Hey! Well, sorry for the delated reply, actually I didn’t see your answer! (aw.. me -_-)
        I’m glad you replied, even if my comment looks like fangirling, it was really refreshing to follow your entries and thoughts! Just wanted to tell this xD
        It even make me want to go Philipina someday, I mean, your pics and all you said made me curious about it πŸ™‚

        Oh yeah, I finished Proposal Daisakusen by the way! Even if I would have been still happy if there weren’t special episode. Sometimes I like ending which don’t look like ending. :p
        I didn’t have the time to come over your blog lately but I’ll surely change that!

        I wonder how’s your life changed since between ellipses πŸ™‚ haha sorry, must seem weird to hear that! Just that to me it seems like following a drama or something… You know, wainting till the next episode!
        Haha again! I’m making weird comments!

        Anyway, take care and see you πŸ˜‰

        1. Hi Nina! Good to see you again πŸ™‚ Thanks for still reading my blog. Glad to hear that you’re interested in the Philippines because of the things I said. I hope you find your way here πŸ™‚

          Do you have your own blog? Hope to see you around more!

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