Just Thoughts

Thought I’d write something before the month of May completely passes me by. Although it’s still the middle of the month, the end feels really close, and with it, the end of summertime I guess, so I’m writing something. I will warn you that it’s probably not going to make a lot of sense since it’s that time when the thoughts in my head are too many and I’m too tired to try and connect them all. Anyway, let’s start.


I’m currently reading the news (not all of it) because it’s sort of been exciting since the elections last Monday. We’ll have a new president soon and although a lot of people I know have a poor opinion of the leading candidate, I think that the future isn’t going to be as bad as it could be had some other candidate won, particularly the 2nd and 3rd leading candidates. Anyhow, my focus isn’t really on the elections now and more on the still current president, who’s just again done something so evil that I’m thinking that if she were in a TV series, she’d most definitely be the antagonist. Like in the first season of Prison Break (I didn’t watch any other season, btw.), remember what the vice-president did? She had her brother killed (and framed Lincoln Burrows for it) so she could get the sympathy of the people when she runs for president. And when that didn’t work, she poisoned the president, so she wouldn’t have to go through elections to be the president. With the way things are going in our government right now, I’d say the people are just as vile.

Anyway, another thing I like to comment about is The Philippine Star. I’ve been reading several publications, just to see their different takes on the same issues, and I’ve found that The Philippines Star is an elitist newspaper. It wastes a lot of paragraphs explaining things about the Philippines, that any Filipino who’s studied grade school in the Philippines would already know (like who BongBong Marcos is). And I mean, it’s well and good that their news can cater to foreigners, but I just don’t like reading anything that feels like they’re addressed to somebody else. It feels like reading somebody else’s mail. Newspapers shouldn’t be like that.

The Last Song

My brother’s girlfriend calls this, “the most thought-provoking film ever”. Dahil habang pinapanood mo, mapapaisip ka ng: BAKIT KO BA ‘TO NAISIPANG PANOORIN?!?! 😡

😆 In fairness to us though, we were really planning on seeing Here Comes the Bride, but tickets to that were sold out. So we didn’t have a choice but to watch the Miley Cyrus/Nicholas Sparks collaboration. I’m mentioning the two of them because they’re two people that I don’t like very much. I mean I like Hannah Montana but Miley Cyrus is just not a serious actress. And Nicholas Sparks, ugh. So, I think Message in a Bottle was pretty okay, and A Walk to Remember remains one of the better teen movies. Even The Notebook is fine, but mostly only because of the amazing chemistry of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. Anyway, can he please think of another plot?!? Is that the way to become a successful writer? To find a good story and just write it over and over, with only the names and ages and location of your characters changing?


Your status in Facebook today goes, “I wish I had someone to share this good scenery with.”

Ok, it’s not actually that. But if I’m reposting anything you write, I’m gonna have to correct your grammar. Anyway, somebody commented with something like, “Ayaw mo ng scenery sa (insert the name of the place where I live here)?”

Right. I know how it feels. To feel so lonely, because the person I like doesn’t like me back. Even though I know perfectly well that there are other people who like me just fine. It’s like when I get back from a trip and the captain of the airplane finally allows the use of cellphones. I always feel sad during this time because I’m reminded that there’s no one to text that I’m back. But actually, I could text all my friends that I’m back. And some of them would reply, too. But it doesn’t make me feel any better, because the only person I want to know that I’m back, and want to receive a reply from, is you.

So I can understand why, despite my existence, despite your knowledge that there is such a person who would want nothing more than to share a scenery with you, you’d feel like there’s no one. Because all that matters to you is that the person you want to share that scenery with (whoever she is), isn’t around.

It really sucks that I keep reading about how you feel so lonely and how you’re so hurt because nobody loves you. I mean, it makes me feel like vapor. And I know that the right thing to do is to just get over you because you don’t appreciate me. But it’s really easier said than done. How do I get over you when, despite all the bad things you do, you’re still the only one who can make me the happiest I’ve ever been?

Does this make me an actual masochist? Because the only person who makes me happiest, is also the person who hurts me the most?


Why does unrequited love have to exist? I mean, meron nang war, famine, poverty, natural disasters, car accidents, genocide, at kung anu-ano pang evilness sa mundo. So pwede bang, wala nang unrequited love?

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