About Me

Superhumanly Strong

Longer than the average no. of required hours of sleep…

More powerful than coffee or other caffeinated beverages…

And able to keep your eyes open for an entire night…

It’s an energy drink.

No, it’s an apple.

No, it’s… Super Insomnia!!!


Okey, ang corny. I did just say that I wasn’t able to sleep well. You got that, right?

Gah. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I read a book. I watched reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I watched various boring stuff on TV. I turned off the lights and kept my eyes shut for several hours. I tried everything (except to drink sleeping pills, I don’t think we have those anyway). But nothing worked. I was awake from 10PM last night, until 8AM this morning. Yup. That’s 10 hours of trying to sleep and being unsuccessful. The sun had come up, everyone else in our house had woken up, and I was still trying to sleep. And I couldn’t really do anything productive either because I was trying to sleep. So I mostly wasted my time, lying on my bed with my eyes closed, but awake.

What is the cure for insomnia? I really don’t want to take sleeping pills because it kind of scares me. But I really do want to be able to sleep at the right time, and not wake up at 3 o’clock in the afternoon like I did today. I’ve lost more than half the day because of sleep, and not because I was out partying all night. It’s so unfair.

Once, I was in bed with my eyes closed for at least 2 hours (I checked the clock every so often) and nothing was happening. I couldn’t sleep nor find a comfortable position. I know I say that I can sleep anywhere, and I can— I can sleep in the car even when the road is bumpy, or in a bus even when there’s blaring music. But ironically, I seem to have the hardest time sleeping on an actual bed. 😐 Talk about having something wrong with you.


4 thoughts on “Superhumanly Strong”

  1. From the various articles I’ve read on insomnia (because I have trouble sleeping too):

    1. If you can’t sleep and you’re in bed, stand up from your bed and go elsewhere. Read a book in a different room until you feel sleepy – when you do, then you go back to bed. Or watch TV. Or…

    2. … have a sandwich and/or warm milk. This helps (daw). Warm baths, too.

    3. No caffeine hours before you (try to go to) sleep.

    4. Same with exercise or heavy/strenuous physical activity.

    5. Only use your bed for sleeping. Do no other activities on your bed aside from that and sex. (So that your body will get realize that when you’re on a bed, it’s time for sleep! Or sex.)

    1. @Danes: Thanks! 🙂 I’ve heard about no.5 before, about not doing anything else on the bed besides sleeping. But alas, my room is not big enough to have anywhere else to read books or sit to watch TV. Pero thanks talaga! Ta-try ko ‘to next time. Most probably tonight.

      1. May grammatical error pa ako LOL. Di ko natanggal yung isang word. Hehehe.

        Ako naman nageexperiment din – like one night i will try to sleep mga … 5 hours lang, the next day i’ll sleep really early to get 8 hours… Kung anu-ano mga ginagawa ko LOL. Just to see which one works. What works the best with me is when I’m incredibly tired from work and commute, tapos kahit inaantok ako hindi pa ako makakatulog. Pagnakatulog ako – sleep of the dead. Hindi nga lang ako nagigising sa alarm. =))

        1. @Danes: I know what you mean! Minsan hilung-hilo na’ko sa pagod pero hindi pa rin ako makatulog! And I can relate too to the not being able to wake up by alarm clock. When my sister and I still shared a room, she absolutely hated me kasi parang ginigising ko daw siya via alarm clock para lang gisingin niya ako. -_-

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