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This Summer

Almost obligatorily (if this is even a word), I am posting about my recently concluded summer trips. And I do mean trips, since I was just in two, almost consecutively. Why do I always make the mistake of planning trips too close together? Last year I was in Laguna on April 4 and 5, and then in Bataan on April 6-8. This year, I was in Hong Kong on March 21-24, and then in Banaue only 2 days later. So obviously, by the time I got home on Monday morning, I was exhausted. But, as my facebook status stated, “Hindi na baleng sobrang pagod. Basta sobrang masaya.” And happy, I definitely was. πŸ˜€

Meet Cassie

I went to Hong Kong with my mom, mainly to visit my cousin’s newborn baby. She’s my first ever pamangkin on my mom’s side of the family so it’s quite a relevant event. Anyway, she was only 3 weeks old when we were there, but already very very cute and very very fun to watch. Definitely not a boring baby, that one. She has large, expressive eyes, and chubby chubby cheeks. πŸ˜‰

Mom, Me and Baby Cassie

Since we were in HK anyway, we also did some touristy stuff like visit the Big Buddha, Tai O Fishing Village, and Silvermine Beach where our hotel was located. We also visited Macau for one day, because by pure coincidence, my aunt (who’s staying with my cousin to help her take care of the baby) had her visa about to expire so she had to leave the country on one of the days we were there. So we all took a ferry to Macau and went back on the evening of the same day. We were only there technically for about 8 hours so I didn’t get to do a lot of stuff, but I figure that Cebu Pacific will most probably have another promo, and I’ll be able to go back, hopefully.

(Clockwise) Me at Tai O Fishing Village, mom in front of temple at Tai O, mom near the Big Buddha, me at Venetian Hotel in Macau, me on the steps to the Big Buddha, mom at Po Lin Monastery, me on the steps to the church ruins at Macau, me at Silvermine Beach, mom at Tai O, me at Tung Chung factory outlet mall, Silvermine Beach Hotel, Po Lin Monastery

But the best part, next to seeing my niece, was buying my camera. πŸ™‚

So, a few months ago, my old camera met an evil person and was suddenly gone from my possession forever. 😦 So I saved up some money and finally bought myself a new one. It’s an Olympus mju Tough 6020, an upgrade from my last one, but I got the purple one this time. πŸ™‚ I actually wanted the blue one again, but my aunt convinced me to get the purple, more girly one. I agreed because I thought that maybe a different color would have better luck than my last camera. Anyway, it works pretty well and I got a bunch of freebies with it — extra battery, 8gb memory card, small tripod, camera case, protective screen cover and a pair of Adidas socks. I know, what do socks have to do with a camera, right?!? It doesn’t make sense at all. But… Who cares? A freebie is a freebie! Haha! I just love all these funny quirks.

Anyway, my buying a camera was of course strategic, because I really needed one for my next trip.

Conquering Batad

After writing a rather long paragraph about this trip, I realized that the story isn’t as much fun to tell as if I were actually talking out loud and with facial expressions and hand gestures. So I deleted it and figured that instead of telling you the story here, I will just link you to my Multiply site which has the pictures, and tell you the story if I see you in person, and you’re still interested to find out how the trip went. πŸ™‚

Here’s the link to my Multiply: Take a Hike!

And I’ll see you on my next adventures!


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