Suddenly Sad

It feels strange to be around people who are extremely moody. And when I say extremely, I mean extremely.

Friend1 is acting up. Last Tuesday, Friend1 posted on Facebook that it was “THE BEST DAY EVER”. Yes, the statement was all in upper case. And it didn’t seem sarcastic at all. Friend1 was in a good mood the entire day. Although when asked why, Friend1 wouldn’t say a word.

I don’t get it. Why share what your mood is, and share it in that cryptic way that makes people want to ask, and then when you do finally ask, they don’t tell you the answer? You’re supposed to just be happy for them without knowing why. I don’t know about you, but before I sympathize with someone, or support someone, I’d like to know the reason that person is feeling that way.

Anyway, all day yesterday Friend1 was suddenly in a foul mood. And again, there’s no explanation why. But Friend1 would keep saying, that it was a bad day, a cranky day, and even told me, “Either you shut up or you join the catastrophe.”

Why? Why get people all curious and intrigued, when you’re just going to tell them that it’s none of their business? Why say anything at all when you “don’t want to talk about it”?

Quick solution for me: STOP CARING. Or maybe, STOP F*CK*NG CARING.

Why does everyone say that caring about something or someone is a good thing? And people judge you when you’re apathetic. But when you’re the one who cares, you’re the one who gets hurt and disappointed and at times, embarrassed.

Why tell me all about your being happy and then be so vague about it? Or why tell me all about your misery only to tell me that you’re not going to say anything more except that you’re sad? And if I ask any further, you’re going to get mad at me. What’s the point? Why tell me, that you can’t tell me anything? And I’m supposed to, what? Support you? How do I do that when I don’t even understand you!?

Right. This post is becoming too personal. Whatever. I’m just suddenly sad that Friend1 is… supposedly one of my really really closest friends, but apparently isn’t because Friend1 won’t tell me anything about what’s happening.

Why do friends break my heart? It’s not enough that the guys I like all break my heart, but my friends want a piece of that action, too?


8 thoughts on “Suddenly Sad”

  1. Aww, too bad. Happylittegirl is suddenly sad this time. What you say we chat again one of these days?.. Or maybe I’ll call you again. I’ll try to cheer you up if I can as long as you promise to sing for me again 🙂

  2. Well, i didn’t get why your friend didn’t share the happy event… i wonder why… maybe… about secret crush or something… i dunno.

    But I get the unhappy part. Sometimes people like to “semi-announce”. When I get the feeling my friend is in that zone, I usually just say, “i’m sorry u feel that way, but if you need to talk, im here.” sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. Gotta plan ahead when someone is in the “semi-announce my bad day” mode because otherwise, they’ll blow up like a bomb, as your friend did on you… most unfortunately… 😦

    My dad can be a real pill sometimes but that’s probably because most of what he says are true. Most…

    “You’re not supposed to understand your friends. You’re supposed to support them, help them, be with them, encourage them… no matter how irrational they seem or how much they hurt you. Because if you care about someone, you have to be willing and ready to get hurt.”

    1. Was that quote something you just thought of or is it something you learned from somebody else? Anyway, I think it’s true. 🙂

      But sad.

      And it makes me emo: Sure, I’m willing to get hurt for someone, but why am I always the one getting hurt? Why is there nobody who’s willing to get hurt for me? 😥

      Told you. Ang emo. Hehehe.

      1. It’s what my dad said. Almost verbatim. I think he used “love” instead for “care” though…

        And I think he said it first when discussing about doctor-patient relationship… (I was having a bad patient day who snapped at me while I was trying to treat her and he was telling me how I should take the high ground.) It was a very long discussion about that and then he suddenly applied the statement about friendship… which strangely, still made sense. Sometimes I think he should’ve been a lawyer. Wahahah.

        Naku ida, don’t try to look for someone who’s willing to get hurt for you. Because one: you will fail… two: why would you wish that someone get hurt because of you?

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