A Different Place Again

Oh, Fate. You’re almost just as stubborn as I am.

As Fate would have it, we have, yet again, transferred work stations. I guess this is proof of either how routinal our work is — that we not only switch responsibilities with one another so as to keep everyone learning new things, or how not routinal our work is — that there are constant changes that need to be implemented.

Personally, I don’t mind very much switching work stations, but only every quarter or so. It’s difficult to transfer files and all that stuff, but in a way it is kind of fun, to have new seatmates and new “views”. I used to sit by the window and look out all the time. And then I was placed near the aisle and everyone would see me when they walk past. Now, I’m smack in the middle of things. It’s my first time to sit here, I realize only now. I wonder what this station entails that’s different from the  others.

Ah, but what does all this have to do with Fate? Well, let me put it this way. Because Fate is looking out for me, every time there’s something new in my life, that I have to move past from, it puts me in a different place, physically — either a new office, a new building, or in this case, a new work station. Do you believe that a change of environment will change your point of view? Or, at least, a change in position? Like in Dead Poets Society, when they stood on their desks and said, “Oh captain, my captain!” Surely you know the scene. Anyway, I think this is Fate’s way of making things easier for me — if I’m in a different place than I was, then maybe it’d be a lot easier for me to adjust to other changes in my life.

And by the way, I’ve also changed my shift to 6AM again. Is that Fate going the extra mile?


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