I don’t know which is worse…

that he doesn’t love me and so I have to get over him


that she’s got a new best friend and now I have to get over her, too.

Akalain mo ‘yun, kailangan mo rin palang matutong mag-move on sa mga friendship. Parang doble hirap kasi at least ‘pag ex-boyfriend ang kailangan mong pag-move-onan, tutulungan ka ng kaibigan mo. ‘Eh paano kung ‘yung kaibigan mo ang umiwan sa’yo? Wala ka namang boyfriend para tulungan ka. Paano na? Mag-isa ka na lang. Tulungan mo sarili mo.

May nag-send sa’kin ng quote, “Maturity begins when you realize that no one is coming to the rescue. In order to have a good future, you will have to take care of yourself, etc. etc.” hindi ko na masyadong maalala basta parang ganun ang dating. Fine. Hindi naman ako nagpapa-rescue. Malungkot lang.

Pasensya na. I know everybody’s talking about the new year, or perhaps people have stopped talking about it since the first week’s almost over. But since I’m on holiday and have no sense of time, the new year doesn’t officially begin for me until next Monday when everything will go back to “normal”. So in the mean time, wala munang new year-related posts from me. Actually sa totoo lang, ayoko naman talaga ng mga posts na napapanahon, kasi ‘pag nagbabasa ka ng mga blog ‘eh parang pare-pareho lang ang nababasa mo so nakaka-bore tuloy.


2 thoughts on “I don’t know which is worse…”

  1. omg! I know! you have to get over the fact that you and your bestfriend wont be hanging out as often as you used to. 😦 you get over it and replace him and then that bestfriend leaves me too.

    or in that guy i told you about back in internship? I tried replacing my bestfriend with him, ended up loving him and in the end getting an anvil dropped on my head to remind me that he will never love me back. pweh.pweh.pweh.

    matagal na akong nalulunod, I doubt anyone’s going to rescue me.

    alam mo ba yung kantang “tumatakbo” by mojofly? ganun na nga. pweh.

    1. I know that song! At marami tayong nakaka-relate sa song na ‘yan!

      Hay. Kung sinuman ang nagsabing guys/girls come and go but friends are forever was mistaken to a certain point. Because sometimes, friends can leave you heartbroken too. 😦

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