Out There Be Monsters!

On the lighter side, I’ve been playing the MMORPG Grand Chase for the past week, mostly only because I got a free installer from the M3Con. I’m not a gamer, so yeah, I pretty much went and started playing without any experience or knowledge about the game (or any online game, for that matter). As a result, the other players didn’t like me, and kept kicking me out of their rooms, which is fine. I mean, I understand that they don’t want a weak character in their midst, and so, they’re free to kick me out. And they can tell me “Weak!” over and over. I don’t mind, but I do think that people can be so mean.

It’s not like I’m planning on being an expert at the game, although I do sort of understand now why people find games like these addicting. The weapons and characters are neat, and if you’ve made friends in the online world, and play the game with them, it could actually be really fun. 🙂 Unfortunately for me, I’m the unfriendliest person in the world, and it feels strange to talk to the other players. I know, it’s already anonymous, so what the heck am I worried about, right? I mean, I can always change my username and e-mail address and whatnot, but still, I find it a bit strange to chat with random people. (Though I guess that begs the question, what the difference is between that and blogging, since you also can talk to random people who coment on your blog.)

Anyway, I really just wanted to blog about this to complain about the raccoon.

My only problem with Grand Chase is that the characters are so cute! Even the ones who are supposed to be enemies. I mean, sure, there are orcs and goblins about, which are of course, mean-looking, but in one place, there is a cute raccoon, that I just couldn’t believe I had to kill. Look (I encircled it red):

Isn’t it so cute?? BTW, the leaf it’s holding is its weapon. Ayos, diba? So… yeah, I guess that’s the reason why my character is lying down. I couldn’t bear to hurt it. Haha.


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