On 2012

So, I don’t want to be all girly girly on account of this being a movie about the end of the world, and people are going to see it mainly for its special effects, but there’s sure to be about a million reviews on the net about said effects and the movie’s story and direction and cinematography and all that jazz (musicians), so can I just say that whoa— there were so many cute guys in this movie! 😀

Seriously, I expected to fangirl only for John Cusack (whom I’ve loved since his Lloyd Dobler days), but then you got the pilot and the Chinese/Tibetan (??) worker and some extras and well, Hollywood is full of good-looking people, what can I say? Well, I’m not going to be saying anything about the story. It’s an apocalypse film, after all — world reknowned sites crash and burn (in a way that looks really cool (although totally improbable — what are the chances of the cracks on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel to be in that exact spot?!)), people die, you know the drill. Not that I want to be insensitive about the apocalypse, just that the Mayan prediction really creeps me out so… yeah, let’s talk about the cute guys now. 😉

John Cusack plays Jackson Curtis, the main protagonist who represents the “average person”, although he’s a published author, too, so to me that makes him accomplished and not at all “average” but anyway… His character actually reminded me a lot of Tom Cruise’s character in War of the Worlds. I mean, he’s separated from his wife, and he found out about the end of the world while he’s spending the weekend with his kids. And then he ends up saving their lives and thereby earning their trust and love (trust me, this isn’t a spoiler, or were you under the impression that nobody survives at the end of the movie?). Pretty ok, though since this character has been played before, I guess it’s not really all that notable. But I love John Cusack (come on, who doesn’t?) so I felt for Jackson Curtis and rooted for him all throughout. 🙂

Jackson Curtis and daughter Lily

Jackson Curtis and daughter Lily. John Cusack isn’t very cute in this photo, but I chose it because it totally reminds me of War of the Worlds.

See what I mean? They even both have snow. (Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning in War of the Worlds)

Johann Urb plays Sasha. The pilot. And I guess pilots in movies are usually extras, but he had his moment of heroism. And that just made him way way cuter than he already is.

Johann Urb

Johann Urb apparently started out as a model. Go figure.

So, as I watched the movie, I’d been thinking and thinking where I first saw him, and couldn’t remember, so I looked it up and according to IMDb, he’s in The Hottie and the Nottie. He plays the “seemingly perfect but turns out to be an a**hole” guy. And I had to think twice about putting this reference because it meant admitting to seeing The Hottie and the Nottie, but what the hey. Honesty is the best policy, and I have to say that the ending of that movie wasn’t so bad. Of course, the hour and a half before it didn’t make sense at all, but you know, a lot of movies are crap. At least this one had a cute guy in it.

Chin Han is Tenzin, one of the workers who built the ships (you know, to save humanity). And he’s really sort of an extra, I mean, his time on the movie is probably only 15 minutes (cumulative) and he barely had lines, and he lost a leg (I’m not telling you how he lost it so this doesn’t count as a spoiler either), but he really did look very good, and next to John Cusack, I’d say that’s hard to do, but he pulled it off, and made me more interested. Unfortunately he hasn’t done a lot of films yet. He was apparently in The Dark Knight but seriously, you can’t notice anyone else in that movie except for Christian Bale and Heath Ledger (and Edison Chen haha! but maybe that’s just me), so yeah, I hope he makes more Hollywood films, or even Chinese romantic comedies w/ maybe a little action movie stuff (like Love Undercover) because you know, I think he could play a nice romantic leading man role but with fight scenes, like Kyle Reese in Terminator 1.

Chin Han

Chin Han – Image from here

So, haha, shallow me only cares about the cute guys while the tectonic plates are shifting and tsunamis are bringing about the end of the world. It’s just a movie anyway, and the message is pretty much the same as all disaster movies (because really, what else can you say when the world is about to end?) — Don’t take life and the people you love forgranted, because we can all die in a matter of minutes. Not that you didn’t already know that.


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