Hatest Analogy EVER

I have decided to be angry today. 😡

So I will tell you about this analogy which I think is just stupid (x100). And if you’ve ever told it to any of your friends, shame on you! And if your friends have ever said it to you, don’t ever believe them.

I hear this a lot, when people ask others what their opinion is on getting back together with an ex-boy/girlfriend:

Hindi na sinusubo ulit ang niluwa na.


I tend to hate analogies (except for maybe mathematical and scientific ones) because I’m just against equating something with another thing, as if they’re the same thing, when they’re really not. (This is probably why I suck at poetry.) Especially when it comes to human relationships. I believe that in relating to people, everything depends on someone’s personality, and experience, and the combination of about a million other things. And so using food that made you nauseated, as a metaphor for an ex-boy/girlfriend, just really doesn’t make sense to me. And I hate it so much because it cheapens the past relationship that you’ve had. So yeah, maybe that past relationship was all kinds of bad, and it would be a mistake to go back to it and go through the same problems and stuff, but I still don’t think it’s fair to say that a person you used to love (and I’m assuming that he/she is someone you used to love, because otherwise why would you want to get back together with him/her?), is just like something you ate that left a bad taste in your mouth. And honestly, if you have to use such disgusting analogies to describe a relationship, it just goes to show how bitter you are. 😡

Right. Can you tell that I’m angry? It’s not because someone has said this to me personally, though. I just hear it a lot on the radio and from friends’ stories, and now I’m just really annoyed to know that some people actually believe this and agree with it. You can’t, can’t, can’t, can’t ever equate a person with an object. (Or maybe you can, but you really shouldn’t). No matter how bad you think that person is. The worst human being in the world is still a human being.

I’m not saying that it’s okay to be the worst human being in the world. Believe you me, there are a lot of human beings I hate and sometimes wish had never been born, but you know, they’re just people, like you and me, and well, I just don’t think it’s right to think they’re animals or garbage, just because they hurt you.

“These are people, Jane! NOT cows!!” – Eddie, Someone Like You (2001)


6 thoughts on “Hatest Analogy EVER”

  1. haha. well, i guess for some people. the hate is just really THAT bad. if you’ve never hated anyone so much so that you would see them not as people but as scum of the universe, then good for you. i hope you never do end up feeling like that.

    they say, that letting the anger out is good for one person, masama daw na yung kulo ay nasa loob. but then when you do end up saying it, or even thinking it, you end up feeling guilty… like, you’re the one who’s become less of a person because you’ve decided to become God and judge someONE as someTHING na “niluwa” mo na for the sole reason na sinaktan ka. bakit, sino ba ako na hindi dapat sinasaktan?

    i have swam the bitter waters of failed romance. i have thought of things so evil, so hateful, that you dear, might find shocking to come from me. but you also have to know, that the reason i hated so much, was because i loved so much as well. ganun talaga diba? the higher you fly, mas matindi ang impact mo back to earth when the flying abruptly comes to a halt.

    but like i said, you get up, curse the skies, blame the wind, furiously throw a tantrum with your busted wings, flash a dirty finger at the heavens, clean your wounds and get over it. (of course, ang haba nung sentence bago umabot sa “get over it”. eh ganun eh.) ;P

    1. that the reason i hated so much, was because i loved so much as well

      awww…. 😦

      i’m still not over the wonderful poem that you wrote some years ago. 🙂 and btw, i think it’s healthier to hate others than to hate yourself. hehe.

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