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One Good Thing

I wanted to write another entry that doesn’t tackle this issue anymore, but alas, this is still what occupies my mind nowadays, and not even my socks getting wet from the rain because I found out too late that my shoe had a hole on it, was enough to distract me from crawling the internet still, to find more things being said and written about this National Artist controversy.

So I know that to everyone else outside of the art community, or perhaps even within the art community, this issue has faded and has been overshadowed by more pressing matters, whether in their personal lives or in our nation as after all, this is only a matter of an award being given to the wrong people (or maybe they’re the right people, but the awards were given at the wrong time), and not the death of soldiers at war. But as I have nothing but sadness for those people who have died, and anger at the world for letting things like that happen, I will talk more about this issue, which I feel is closer to my heart.

I am definitely not happy about how things are turning out, especially with the fact that there are less and less people who care about this. And I am still hoping against hope that this will all be corrected somehow, because it will be very sad for our history (and future too, I guess), if the National Artist Award really does become nothing more than something a president gives to his/her friends. But there is something positive that has come out of this whole thing.

The previous topics that have had a lot of bloggers typing away on their keyboards, posting all their different opinions to the world, haven’t really been all that engaging. I’m talking about the Malu Fernandez fiasco and that thing about Customs putting taxes on books. There were many things wrong with those issues, true, but what made them worse were the over-emotional mean-spirited comments that people kept saying about them. I know that it’s hard to stay objective when someone has just said that she’d rather slit her wrists than ride the same airplane with the likes of you, but calling that person a pig and saying that she doesn’t have a right to live because she’s fat and ugly, really doesn’t make you any better. I had tried to avoid the internet then because I didn’t want to see so many haters finding someone to lash their anger out on. And for a moment, I thought that I might experience the same thing this time, with this issue. But as it turns out, most of the things I have read that talk about this, are some of the most interesting things I’ve ever read.

The links I posted in the previous entry are just a small faction of a collection of the most insightful commentary I’ve read about art in our country. I found yet another one through clicking on links of different sites, and I liked it so much that I wrote this entry, just so I could share it:

Weighing in on the National Artists Controversy
by R.E. De Leon

There really are many others and I feel bad that I wasn’t able to save all of the links to them, or even remember who their writers are. But here, let me give the link to this one again:

Komikero Comics Journal

I have been reading that more than I’ve been reading my friends’ blogs these past few weeks, because it has the updates on the issue, and also interesting discussions in the comments section.

I do hope you visit it, and maybe share your two cents, too. As long as it’s not a troll-like comment, I’m sure it will be appreciated.

My wish now is for the rest of the artits and writers out there to speak up the way the others have done. I’m a little jaded so I don’t know if any amount of noise we make will make its way to people who don’t want to listen to us, but I do think that if there are others out there like me, who are at least inspired by what you have to say, and are even learning from it (honestly, I haven’t put down the dictionary since August 1, because there are just so many complicated words being used to describe and explain all of this), then I think any amount of effort you put into it will be worth it. πŸ™‚


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