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They Say It Better

Sorry naman, I know it’s so uncharacteristic of me to care about this (or anything, really) pero promise, I’m not kidding, mas-stinalk ko pa ang website ng Inquirer kaysa sa Facebook page ng crush ko*, kakahintay sa kung may sasabihin ba si Conrado de Quiros about this issue. At ayan, meron na nga. 🙂

*This is actually hypothetical. Actually, wala akong Facebook. Pero kung meron man, at contact ko nga ‘dun ‘yung crush ko, malamang madalas ko nga titignan ‘yung page niya, except for these past few days, kasi nga…

Anyway, tama nang satsat. I’ll get to the topic. Seriously, I’d been waiting for articles like these because I know, that they’ll be able to articulate it far better than I can.

And honestly, I think it’s good that De Quiros set this aside, and published it only after the Cory-related columns that he wrote, because it’s now a more level-headed and objective take on the issue. Medyo nag-settle na kasi ‘yung mga pangyayari (sa public, at least. I know sa mga artist hindi pa rin, at sana hindi magsesettle until finally ma-correct ‘yung error).

So here I am providing the link to his latest column (well, as of this writing, August 12), which I think everyone, and I mean everyone — artists and non-artists + the people involved (e.g. Caparas, not that he’s going to believe any of it because his mind is closed, but you never know), at lalung-lalo na ‘yung mga walang pakialam sa art community ng Pilipinas. Para maintindihan n’yo kung bakit controversy ito.

DELUSIONS by Conrado de Quiros

Oh, and I just want to say, that if you find yourself being compared to Imelda Marcos, who we all know is one of the main reasons for all kinds of bad stuff that have happened to our country, and you find yourself being described as worse than she is, then you must be truly truly evil.**

**If you didn’t understand this comment, I’m telling you, read the column!

And here’s more. They’re older than the column of De Quiros and I guess I should’ve posted them earlier, but anyways…

From Butch Dalisay:

The Corruption of Culture
How Delicadeza Works–or Not

And one from Isagani Cruz, which I also really liked reading, because he made an excellent point, regarding the “pang-masa kasi si Caparas” issue, and brought up FPJ.

The 2009 Philippine National Artists Awards

‘Yon. ‘Yun na. Maybe I’ll update more on this later on, pero baka iwasan ko rin muna ‘yung topic. Pinagtatawanan na’ko ng mga kakilala ko, bakit daw ako may pakialam sa mga bagay na ito. Pero mali pala ‘no, dapat imbis na umiwas ako, tanungin ko na lang sila, “Bakit kayo walang pakialam?”

(Haha! Nagpaka-righteous pa’ko! Sorry na.)


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