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Well, if it isn’t…


I’ve been friends with Fate for a long time now. Of course, some people call it Coincidence. I used to call it that, too. But after so many run-ins with it, I can no longer call events mere coincidences. They’re the work of Fate, I tell you. And as time passes, I’ll probably be mentioning more about it. But for now, let me tell you about my most recent experience related to Fate.

And again, I guess I’m focusing on this because I’m just incapable of tackling serious issues, but anyway…

This all has to do with the National Artist Award. If you still don’t know what the issue on this is, click here.

Right. When I first learned of what happened, it spelled for me, controversy, right away. And I e-mailed my officemates and friends about how it was so unjust to have someone who’s supposedly disqualified from receiving the award actually get the award, and someone who’s clearly not a visual artist get an award for the category of visual art. Sadly, my officemates, being not all that interested in the local art industry, couldn’t really care less, and were more entertained with how I reacted to the issue (almost like a madman, really), rather than the actual issue. Some of them even laughed at me. (And people wonder why I’m anti-social?) Serves me right for thinking people who aren’t privy to the art world, would understand. But that’s the problem, isn’t it?

Maybe GMA didn’t think that enough people cared about things happening the art world, so maybe she thought that giving the wrong people prestigious awards wouldn’t be all that noticeable. Judging from the reactions of my officemates and some of my friends who didn’t even bother listening to me when I told them about it, I guess I’d say that was true. Since only the people who are active in the art industry are the ones who care, the rest just think of them as sour-graping, no matter how valid their protests are. It really makes me sad.

I surprised even myself, when I found myself researching more, reading news articles, blogs, and even trying to look for radio stations that would report on this. I usually avoid the news like the plague so that I wouldn’t have to think about all these problems that our world has, but I don’t know, this thing really got me all riled up. Maybe because the National Artist Award is something that I really used to look up to, even more than the Palanca Award, which is the one specifically for writing (and that’s really the only artsy thing I can do, and I’m not even that good at it). Maybe I’m crazy, but having a lot of friends who are artists, I’ve actually dreamed of them becoming National Artists themselves, because that way, I’d have National Artists friends (Oo, ganoon ako kababaw, hehe). But now, I don’t think I want my friends to receive awards that are given away like that.

Anyway, like I said, I’m really not a very good writer. And someone who is way better at it than me (and than most of us), has written pretty much the same sentiments that I have, so I’ll just redirect you to that blog. I do hope you read it because really, although it may sound somewhat violent, it’s actually unbiased, sticking to the real issue at hand, and comprehensive, too.

Komikero Comics Journal – Gerry Alanguilan

I’m redirecting you to the entire blog instead of just one entry as most of the recent entries are all about this issue.

Ah, but what is the connection of this entry to Fate, you ask? Well, here’s the story:

Earlier today as I was talking with some new friends, one of them, decided to show me the Facebook page of the guy whom she says is “the love of her life”. He happened to be Illac Diaz.

Now, I should note that before this day, I have never heard of Illac Diaz, and really had no idea of who he was. My friend showed me his Facebook pictures, and told me some fangirl stories. Anyway, after some more gossipping about Illac Diaz, we eventually had to say goodbye to each other and go home.

When I got home, I opened my computer to right away check if there were any updates on Gerry Alanguilan’s blog about the National Artist issue. And sure enough there was. It’s this one: Carlo J. Caparas is NOT a Visual Artist

Wait, let me repeat that link, and in all caps:


But guess what else was on that entry? It contains a link to a Multiply album of photos from earlier’s protest against the awards. And here’s where Fate steps in: the Multiply album is owned by none other than — Illac Diaz! The very same person my friend told me about just earlier today. And take note: Before today, I had no idea that such a person existed. And now, I find out, not only of his existence, but that he’s on our side with regrd to this National Artist controversy, too!

I know, this seems like a shallow and stupid topic, but it’s really just my way to disguise this entry as something that’s still light, whilst inserting the clues that really, naming Carlo J. Caparas as a National Artist for Visual Art is axiomatically crazy. (Hey look at that! I used a big word! πŸ˜‰ ) I just don’t want to try to be profound and have my arguments countered by someone who’s a lot smarter than I am (and then I will just end up speechless and totally pwned). All I can do is admit to my own limitations: I’m not that smart, but I still know right from wrong. And naming someone who’s NOT a visual artist as a National Artist for Visual Art, is justΒ wrong.

And now, since I’m feeling petty (and shallow, don’t forget shallow), I’ll share something I said earlier that I guess can be considered petty:

Wala talagang konsensya si Carlo J. Caparas, at talagang makapal ang mukha niya kasi walang siyang balak na ibalik ang award na binigay sa kanya. Pero ang ibang paraan lang para maalis sa kanya ‘yung parangal na ‘yun, ‘eh kung bawiin ng pangulo ‘yung award. ‘Eh paano naman mangyayari ‘yun, kung ‘yung pangulo ‘eh lalong mas walang konsensya at lalong mas makapal ang mukha?


1 thought on “Well, if it isn’t…”

  1. “Was I an idiot before I became a National Artist?” Cecile Guidote-Alvarez asks.

    No. You were not. But now, because you’re accepting the award despite the fact that you’re supposed to be disqualified for it, everyone thinks that you are.


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