My Hand Hurts T_T

Somewhat girly rant post. You have been warned.

Story #1 – My mouse ran out of batteries

Because I’m a lazy scatterbrain, I kept forgetting to buy new batteries for my wireless mouse, even thoughΒ I already knew that it was running out (because I kept taking it out and then putting it back in just to be able to shut down my computer last Thursday). The result: I wasn’t able to use my computer for the entire weekend. And the result of that: Lower karma in Plurk, and I missed a LOT of updates, specifically in the Livejournal communities that I’m a part of. And this is kind of significant because last weekend was the Comic Con weekend in the U.S. (You know, the famous San Diego Comic Con), and that means that there were lots of The Big Bang Theory news. Now, there’s so much that I don’t have time to read all of ’em anymore. 😦 But, I wouldn’t have traded my weekend for anything, so I guess it’s really not that bad.

Story #2 – Dinig Sana Kita was so worth the trip to Glorietta to pick up the tickets to it, and to CCP to see the movie

My friend K was raving about it and even wanted to see it again so I invited my best friend E to see it with me last Saturday. It was the Gala Performance, but didn’t start until 6:15PM so we had merienda at Teriyaki Boy across CCP. πŸ™‚

I’m not a big fan of Teriyaki Boy, especially since the Teriyaki Boy Chicken suddenly seemed skinless and, smaller. But I have to say that I’m happy about their sushi line (I mean, the new makis). πŸ™‚ Crazy California Maki Roll and their sauce is really yummy. πŸ™‚ And I guess they have good service, too because to date, I’ve left 2 items in a Teriyaki Boy restaurant (an umbrella and mineral water bottles — in the CCP branch, and Net Quad Branch), and I got them back both times. πŸ˜€

We got to see a few celebrities when we were in CCP (which was partly the reason I wanted to be there during the Gala Performance). Boy Abunda and Mylene Dizon were the only ones well-known, and I had my picture taken with both of them (haha! ang babaw talaga ng kaligayahan ko!)Β but the actress who played the lead character’s mom in the movie was standing next to us in the line to the entrance, and she talked a little bit to us, too. Well, actually, she only talked to E, to apologize for letting her friend cut in line (behind her and therefore in front of us), but it was really fine with us since they’re friends anyway.

The movie was great. πŸ™‚ My first time to see deaf Filipino actors and actresses, and having to read subtitles because I can’t understand sign language. The only sign language I know is the alphabet (all girls know this, trust me. and if you know a girl who doesn’t know this, tell her to learn! it’s fun!), but I don’t know it as well as the deaf community because they spell out words really really fast. I can’t even read it.

I won’t tell you the story or even a review of why it was good. But I will say that it was so good, it brought me to tears. But it wasn’t that serious. There were a lot of silly laugh-out-loud moments. Really, it was a great movie. πŸ™‚ And I hope it wins so that it’s sure to come out on DVD. πŸ˜€

E and I even stood up as the credits rolled and the cast appeared on stage. We clapped our hands until the credits were finished. I love curtain calls. They’re the best part of any show.

As for the other Cinemalaya movies, I kind of feel bad that I didn’t get to see them, because they all really seem interesting. So maybe I’ll just wait for them to be shown in the regular cinemas, or on DVD, too.

Afterwards, we ate at Icebergs, also across the CCP Complex and almost along the sea. Sisig w/ Rice + Boneless Bangus in Mango Adobo Sauce and Kahlua Chocolate Sundae = πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I should probably post pictures. Maybe I will, when I get to download the pictures that I took (For the reason why I haven’t transferred the pictures from my camera to my computer yet, see Story #1).

I felt kind of sad when we had to go home, because I really wanted to eat more ice cream (although I was really full by then), but the day had to end, so and E and I took a bus along Roxas Ave. to Las PiΓ±as. Or at least we thought we did. But when I told the conductor where I wanted to go, he said, “Ah, papuntang Dasma ‘yung bus na’to.”

Right. What’s the first rule in using public transportation?!?! Read the signs. Anyway, we just got off at Baclaran to take another bus, the right one this time. But I feel kind of bad for having to pay almost double the fare needed just to get home, and for boarding the wrong bus. Oh well. I got home in one piece, and I guess I learned some sort of a lesson, too.

Story #3 – My hand hurts T_T

And now we come to the title story of my hand hurting. I wish it were for a glamorous reason, but it’s really not. It actually has to do with public transportation again — there was no room to sit, so I was standing in the bus I rode earlier to get to work. I was standing for at least 25 minutes, which isn’t really a big feat, except that it was so crowded, I couldn’t breathe (BTW, it was a non-airconditioned bus), and my stupid bag decided that that was the perfect time for its strap to break. So, I couldn’t hang it on my shoulder anymore and had to carry it with my hand, while hanging on to the bar on the back of the seat in front of me.

Something I Learned: There really are no more gentlemen left in this world.

Something I Decided: I would rather be late than stand in a crowded bus again.

Something I Thought Of: My personal hell would probably be that— standing in a crowded non-airconditioned bus that’s going really really fast, and I can’t use my hands to hold on to anything, because I’m using them to carry really heavy stuff.

But still I was able to manage to type this blog entry. πŸ˜›

Hope you all have a happy week. πŸ˜€


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