Too Lazy!

Hindi ako nakabakasyon, pero feeling ko nasobrahan ako sa bakasyon. Because I’ve been sick these past few days, I haven’t left the house AT ALL since Wednesday last week. Add to that my natural anti-social nature, and I guess it’s pretty predictable that this is what happens to me: I’m too lazy to do anything. As in anything.

The last movie I saw was Terminator Salvation, which was over a month ago, and the last time I went out was to go to the Toy Con, which was weeks ago. So I haven’t seen Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen yet, or Drag Me to Hell or Ice Age 3 (but I’m not really too keen on seeing this one). Therefore I think I’m suffering from movie-watching withdrawal, if there is such a thing. And I haven’t talked to any of my friends for a while now. I haven’t even been answering text messages, or, updating this blog. I mean, there’s Plurk, but even there, I haven’t been responding to my friends’ plurks. I’ve just been posting status updates, and the only people I’ve talked to these past few days are the people at home (who aren’t that many) and my sister. Yep, I’m definitely on anti-social mode.

Anyway, I’m writing this blog entry because I’m at the moment texting with my friend, planning on seeing a movie this Friday, but even though I want to see my friends and I want to see a movie this Friday, ewan. Tinatamad pa rin ako. Ni hindi ko nga na-update itong blog ko with anything important. And I had a lot of ideas, too. But I’ve been too lazy to execute them. *sigh*

Then again, I’m going back to work tomorrow. And so I should be going back to the routine. And so I should feel like seeing my friends on Friday. And I definitely want to see a movie. Minsan, feeling ko nakakalimutan ko kung paano manood ng movie. Seriously. I sometimes feel strange just sitting there, doing nothing. And I forget that you’re supposed to do nothing, so that you’ll understand the movie. Is that weird? Oh no– it’s too much information, right? Ngayon lahat kayo alam na abnormal ako kasi hindi ako marunong manood ng sine. Haha!

What’s with this incessant senseless rambling? Sayang ang blog space! I better write something good (or at least makes sense) soon.


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