Hi July!

Hello there, 2nd half of 2009. I wanted to ask you a question — how’d you get here so fast? Did you fly? And did you also go somewhere and study to become a ninja, because I really, did not see you at all coming! What are you doing here? Now? Before I, or anybody else I know is ready for you?

I guess that’s more than “a question”. But really, I still can’t believe you’re here already! Back in June 1, I was thinking of writing this blog entry on the 1st of July, but before I even completed the thought of what to write, suddenly, it’s July 3. I suppose I could blame my illness. I’ve been at home since Wednesday, sick with, something. Flu maybe, or dry cough. I really don’t know. Anyway it’s the reason why I haven’t been updating my blog. Too tired. All I’ve been doing the past few days is sleeping and watching TV. And I can’t watch that much because it hurts my eyes and it hurts my head. 😦

La la la la la.

Here’s hoping that the 2nd half of the year will be more enjoyable for me. And you. And everyone else. Have a happy 2nd half of 2009 everyone! 😀


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