We Won! We Won! Part III.V

Woohoo!!!! πŸ˜€ Yehey!! πŸ˜€ Wheeee!!! πŸ˜€ Asteeeeg!!! πŸ˜€ Galeng!!!! Panalo!!! πŸ˜€ *applause!*applause!*applause!* πŸ˜€

Hahaha, hindi naman ako masyadong high na high? πŸ˜‰ Can you guess why? (Oy, rhyming ‘yun!) Nanalo kasi kami sa singing contest sa office. Yehey!!! Whee!!! I love it!!!

Although, you may have noticed na Part III.V (3.5 hahaha na-gets n’yo ba? πŸ˜‰ ) lang imbis na Part IV ‘yung title ko. That’s because we actually only won 2nd place. Pero so what? Ang sagot ko diyan:

(Bonus points to whoever can figure out what movie that’s from.)

Hehehe! After all, I personally think na kaya lang kami second place was dahil natalo kami sa alam n’yo na, the ever important criteria — audience impact. Mayabang ako kaya sasabihin kong magaling kami, pero honest din ako kaya sasabihin ko ring pagdating sa audience impact ‘eh wala talaga kaming laban. Paano ba naman? 10 lang kami sa team, and we were against 9 other teams in the department, who each hadΒ mga 10 members din. And of course, none of them ever cheer for us, kasi, ewan ko rin. Haha! No, kasi nga, mga alien kami na madalas mag-solo. Hehehe. ‘Pag meron ngangΒ isa sa kanila na may birthday, invited buong department except our team. πŸ˜› Pero oks lang naman, nasanay na kami, plus, it’s really mostly our own fault, you know, for not socializing too much. But, I’m getting off-topic. I was talking about the singing contest.

We’d cheered as hard as we could when they announced my teammate’s name (for the purposes of this entry, let’s call her T). Yeah, all 10 of us cheered. Haha. Well, okay, we did have some friends from other departments. And by some, I mean about 3 people. Haha! But again, it’s fine. I think we cheered loud enough for everyone to know that TΒ had some real loyal supporters. Haha. One of the judges even mentioned us and said “You’ve got a great cheering squad!” Wheee!! That’s us! πŸ˜‰ Hehehe. Although speaking of the cheering thing, I really didn’t like how some girl would always raise the banner they made for the other contestants whenever we would cheer. I mean, she was obviously supporting the other contestant and was doing it as an “in your face” kind of thing, which is really just so low. I mean yeah, we don’t cheer for the others as much, but we also don’t sabotage or boo them. But whatever. Complaining about it more will only make my IQ points drop (if they haven’t already just by being offended).

Anyway, T did really well. She sang My Immortal and she even had the “Amy Lee look”. Seriously, she was in a black dress and hi-cut boots, plus dark make-up. And we asked the special effects people to turn down the lights, too. You know, to get the atmosphere.Β  She hit all the notes, save for one, around the end, and you could tell it was because she ran out of air because the note before that was really hard. But the judges said that it didn’t really affect her performance that much, since it was after all just one note.

Biases aside (oh, who am I kidding, of course I’m biased, but I will tell you why I didn’t like the other performances), I really think that it was T’s performance that showed the most amount of skill. But I’ll give points to the other 2 contestants as well, since by choosing an upbeat song (i.e. I Kissed a Girl, Jai Ho), they really got the crowd going. One of the judges even said that she felt like dancing along with the contestant who sang Jai Ho.

Anyway… After all the performances were done and deliberation was over, I knew that we were only going to get 2nd place. Because sabi ko nga, talo talaga kami sa audience impact. It’s really weird ‘pag nandito ka. I mean, on normal days, we don’t really notice it, kasi we’re all working and don’t need to interact with each other much, pero tuwing may event na ganito, kitang-kita mo talaga — it’s Them v.s. Us. Hahaha! Pero ano ba, bring up ako nang bring up niyan, nakakalimutan ko tuloy ‘yung point.

The judges were so nice to say that T was “only behind by 1 point“. I mean, if that’s not a clear indication that she had talent, then I don’t know what is. And here’s a secret: After the awarding ceremonies and encore and other hullaballoo, one of the judges approached T and told her, “It was a really great performance, but we didn’t choose you as the winner, because of the crowd.

WHOA! Way to validate what I had in the back of my mind! Haha! But we didn’t really make anything of it, unless you know, unless we wanted around 90 angry people glaring at us everyday in the office. But you know what, I think they’ll do it anyway? Hehe. You know, our supervisor even had to remind us to cheer and support M, the winner, when she was doing her encore song. Because our team had actually already gone out of the venue and were taking pictures — enjoying ourselves, but with just ourselves. Hahaha. We even made quite a ruckus when we got back to our work stations, too. Although that’s nothing new since we’ve always been the noisiest team anyway. (Yeah, that’s why we’re a, and I quote — “great cheering squad”! Hahaha!)

Right. I have a feeling that all of this is going to be too wordy and isn’t going to make a lot of sense tomorrow, but haha, whatever. I’m still high on excitement. And this is without alcohol!Β  Haha! (Oh great, now that I mentioned alcohol, you’re all going to think that I’m drunk, aren’t you? Well, I’m not. Get my blood tested (or is it urine that you’re supposed to test?) if you want. Haha!)

Right. Stopping this now and going back to work. Would you believe, after all that, I still have work to go back to?!?


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