O Ayan! Update!

Not that anyone’s pressuring me to post something new here, except maybe myself. But seriously, here’s a question:

HUWAAAAAAHH!!! KAILAN PA NATPOS ANG KALAHATI NG JUNE??!?! Or not even June, but 2009?!?!?

Bakit last year ang bagal bagal ng oras, pero ngayon, hindi pa’ko nag-aadjust sa pagsulat ng “9” instead of “8” sa dulo ng taon ‘eh biglang June na. At eto–patapos na ang June! Is it true that I only have 2 blog entries for this month? Why?? What happened?? Busy ako? Tinatamad? Or both? (It’s both, of course.)

Pero ayan, naiinis na’ko dahil wala akong mabasang bago sa sarili kong blog kaya sulat muna ako ngayon. Hopefully hindi masyadong walang kwento ito. Hehehe.

Hello Fate, It’s You Again

So there I was, sitting in the bus, complaining to myself about how I have nothing to write about in my blog, when suddenly the guy seated next to me turns to me and asks me something. Because I’m an absent-minded stranger-hater, I ignored him at first (and actually thought that he might be talking to someone else, although he couldn’t have since I was the only one sitting next to him) but eventually couldn’t find a way to get out of the situation so decided to listen anyway.

“Gaano katagal ‘yung travel time mula Bictuan hanggang Alabang?” he asks.

I shrugged. “20 minutes? Depende sa traffic,” I tell him, and then look away. I really don’t like talking to strangers. But he was apparently really bored because he asked me something else. This time, it had something to do with the traffic situation in Skyway. I had half a mind to tell him that I wasn’t an MMDA officer but decided that that was too rude so I just answered him using the shortest words I know like ‘Yes’ and ‘No’.

And I guess he was really really bored, because he went on to tell me about his cousin’s birthday party wherein they have to hire an Elvis impersonator and that they were down to 2 choices — one who was chubby, and one who was thin. He said that they were equally good, and their rates were equal, too. So given those parameters, he asked me which was the right choice. Again, I was thinking of telling him, “Are you really going to base your decision on what a random stranger in a bus tells you?” But again, I didn’t want to be rude, or waste any effort in being smart so I just told him to pick the funnier one, or toss a coin if they really couldn’t choose.

I’d thought then that the conversation was over, but I guess he was really really really bored (and apparently, I was wrong, and that it takes more than 20 minutes from Bicutan to Alabang, ugh.) because he eventually told me about what kind of food he liked and how he and his dad used to spend their Saturdays together. Fine. In fairness to him, he didn’t look like a serial killer (though who knows, right?) or a petty thief. But still, he’s a stranger. And he wasn’t even a cute one. So yeah, I basically just nodded and pretended to listen. Eventually, the bus stopped at Alabang and he told me, “This is my stop now.”

“Okay,” I said and stood up as well. I got off the bus and ran to the opposite direction of wherever he was going. No way I was going to take the same jeepney as he was. I ended up waiting 10 more minutes for a new jeepney to arrive, but whatever. I think that’s better than being subject to another strange conversation with someone I really couldn’t care less about.

Maybe I’m rude and I’m mean for not being nice to him, but he’s a stranger after all, and if there’s anything the Philippines has ever taught me, it’s that you can never be too careful. Seriously, I checked my purse and my pockets to see if anything was missing. I mean, he may have been a professional con artist who was distracting me with the conversation to get to my wallet or cellphone or something.

The connection of this story with fate though, is that well, it was at least an experience to blog about. Boring though it was, I don’t think it’s a normal thing to be talked to by a stranger in the bus. At least, not in this country. (And for good reason. I mean, you never know who people are.) I’ve actually been talked to by my bus seatmates before, but most of them were women and they asked me practical things like directions, bus stops, fares… They didn’t tell me their life stories and what kind of food they liked to eat. Sorry, but I’m just not a friendly person. Of course, people on the internet are different. If someone leaves a comment on my blog then I’ll respond to that, and even start conversations in forums and other places like that. I’ll even give my real name (because really, staying anonymous and leaving a controversial comment is just not proper etiquette) if it was required, even though they say that the internet is a dangerous place. But it’s still different in real life when you’re talking to an actual person who is actually in front of you. I think that that’s more dangerous.  So yeah, I probably won’t be taking the bus for quite some time, or maybe change the time that I go home so there’s less chance of running into him again. *sigh* I really don’t like strangers.

We Won! We Won! Part III

OK, so it was only the elimination rounds, and the actual contest isn’t until Thursday of this week. But still, our team’s representative for this year’s office singing contest was chosen, 3 out of 8!

The judges didn’t say which of the 3 they picked got the highest score, but they’ll be the ones competing in the finals. And yes, our team’s representative will be one of them! 😀 I’m pretty confident that she’s going to win, she’s a really great singer, after all. Although she’ll maybe have a problem because I think the judges (or the crowd haha) may be biased.

I told you that not a lot of people in the office like us, right? Hehehe. In fact, earlier, when it was time to announce those who were picked for the finals, it was only our team who was left in the audience. The other had left after the performances and a lot of them didn’t even bother to know who were picked. Or maybe we’re really just more enthusiastic than the average person. But what’s wrong with that? I for one, am happy that we have a reason to celebrate. Even though our teammate isn’t the real winner yet, she’d at least already beat 5 others, and to me, that’s already something. 🙂

We’re pretty confident that she’ll win in the finals, too. But again, maybe that’s just us being over enthusiastic. But who cares? I’m happy we have someone to cheer on in the final round. 😀 Oh and BTW, this is called “We Won! We Won! Part III” because this is the 3rd contest wherein our team’s (or at least a representative from us) has come out victorious. 😀 Oh yes we are arrogant. But for good reason! Hahaha! 😈

What’s Next…

I actually have a lot of ideas for blog entries. I just can’t find (or make) the time to write them. *sigh* Oh, I want to share that one of my former officemates asked me to write her a recommendation letter. She said that she needs one from a colleague and she picked me to write it! Isn’t she sweet? 🙂

But going back to the topic of my blog entries, I have several ideas, really. And most of those ideas come with pictures, but gah… I’m finding it so hard to balance everything that’s going on at the moment. Did you notice, there have only been 2 updates this month?! (Well 3, counting this one). But I do just want to say (more to myself than to whoever reads this, you know, so I won’t forget hehe) that I do have things lined up. And I do believe that this blog is important enough to me (or my writing) for me to keep going at it. So in conclusion… Stay tuned! 🙂 Hehe!


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